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  1. Wow $1,100? that's crazy... good for you on getting it so cheap! Build is looking sweet!
  2. Wow, I admire your diligence...while I personally agree wholeheartedly with Zestaz regarding getting a shell in better condition...at the end of the day, when your beauty is all done an driving, you will have a much more visceral connection to her knowing the amount of incredibly detailed work you put into it...
  3. I haven't used it personally, but I've seen a lot of people using/recommending POR-15 and seeming to have great success with it.
  4. You know, sadly it seems there is very little traffic in here nowadays...is FB the culprit in the slow demise of online forums?
  5. I second this motion (although I'm not holding out hope 7 years later lol)...this is a fantastic write up well ahead of its time...with RB's becoming more prevalent than ever, this is very apropos.
  6. This thread is full of fantastic information...thanks for all of your research!
  7. This is from the pinned thread...I know it basically just reiterates what you already know... If you don't have a freeze plug in that location, your block will have a casting spot (basically the same size as the hole where your dipstick currently enters the block) toward the rear passenger side of your block (where a freeze plug went on RB25's)...You would need to get the right size freeze plug for your current dipstick location (the front of the block), and before they plug that location (front of the block), measure the diameter of the hole and machine one the same size at the rear of the block where the casting indentation is... Do you have a pic of the block on the passenger side?
  8. Very impressive! Are you in more episodes? If so, what numbers/air dates?
  9. So clean and Very very tasteful...love it. Do you happen to know the color code of the valve cover? That's a perfect "Nissan Red"...
  10. Thank you sir. Unfortunately no I have not yet...but it is towards the top of my list... Silvermine also offers a Wildwood rear brake kit with an extra caliper for parking that I'm interested in, but I just have to sit down and figure out how to incorporate those calipers with my existing AZC bracket...once I do I will probably order both the brakes and the steering together.
  11. Yes, however their caliper is a proprietary piece and it's hydraulic with a rather large handle...more meant for drifting. I look forward to your next update.
  12. Yes sorry for not clarifying, I was hoping it was already running, but now I see that you are not in the States, I missed that tidbit... It's a very impressive build, I can't wait to see the finished product,...I'm happy to see another S30 go the RB route, and I have long been curious about R.I.P.S.'s products, it has been years since I looked into their stuff and near as I can remember they didn't have an RB25DET intake at that time (I could be wrong), it's nice to see they have one now....and I LOVE that custom sump,...I just finished the PRP coil pack upgrade myself... I have the AZC setup so I understand your reasoning for going with T3...The AZC setup is very aesthetically pleasing but the lack of e-brake is definitely frustrating...I've been looking into modifying the AZC bracket and adding a second caliper for an e-brake... Here's hoping you can get back soon...not only for you and your car's sake...but of course for all of our sakes, as that will likely mean things are improving!
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