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  1. I second that....I mean seriously...how inconsiderate to your fans ZTR! 😁
  2. 😂 Love this. Great info, thanks very much for the insight.
  3. One question regarding the commercial units: The ZPS is $1,550.00 and the Silvermine is $900.00...that's quite a difference in price for ostensibly the same item. The ZPS site alludes to "knockoff" systems that "...utilize an inferior motor setup." Any thoughts?
  4. Uggggghh! Pics like those make me actually consider cutting my fenders and putting flares...I need to get a second S30 just so I can do that look, which I looooooove.
  5. Yes please! I, personally, would be very interested in seeing what you have come up with.
  6. Beautiful! Love the color combo, very tastefully done. Out of curiosity, why did you go with the VW fuel tank? Does it have more capacity? Or was it just easier than finding a OEM tank in good condition?
  7. No problem, the fronts are 17x8.5 +4 with soft compound 235/45/17 Yokohama Advan A08's
  8. Leaving everything better than you found it...nice.
  9. I'm torn on this...obviously going to 5 lug gives you exponentially more wheel options...but I really love the look of the Watanabe/Rota/Pana style wheel. Ideally, I'd love some Watanabe 5 lug 17" wheel in the offsets I need, that way I could try other looks and if I didn't like them I could always go back to the Watanabes. Ultimately though 5 lug is the way to go.
  10. Yeah, group buy is a great idea...why don't you spearhead the Volk negotiation? If you send them one of your rudimentary drawings they might be so impressed that they'll do it!
  11. Sure thing brother I will try to do it sometime this week if possible. Regarding the group buy, I think it's important to remember my suspension setup. This offset might be unique to an AZC suspension, or at least a suspension that is adjustable horizontally, ie adjustable all the way inward. The other thing to consider is the lug pattern....Volks are awesome (I like the CE28's and also the TE37's)...however anything other than the two wheels you listed would require a conversion to 5 lug.
  12. Fellas I recently upgraded to a 180A LS1 alternator with the help of a kit from Raw Brokerage. It's a pretty sweet and easy solution to get an upgraded alternator I wrote it up in my build thread, page 8...hope it helps!
  13. The fan was clearly on, and the lines and evaporator were ice cold, but nothing coming from the vents.... I tried all of the possible combinations of the factory levers to see if the vents were somehow closed or diverting the air somewhere else. I noticed that, despite moving the DEF/ROOM vent lever, there was no change in the flow at all which I found to be unusual... Thinking back to when I had the entire dash off and had taken out the fan components to tweak them, I remembered there was a large flap inside the canister that would open or close to divert air flow... But now, moving the lever I expected to hear the flap opening and closing (because it did so with a noticeable "thunk"), and yet I heard nothing... Oh boy...the dash was obviously back in now and everything already bolted into place...it's not easy at all to access that area... I squirmed my hand under the dash and somehow squeezed it all the way back to where I could only feel, not see, the flap lever... Sure enough I flipped the lever and heard the flap "thunk"...and lo and behold....COLD AIR from the vents! Hallelujah!! Unfortunately during reassembly, I omitted putting the lever cable back in place... Getting that cable back into the lever slot, where it is secured in place by a screw, after the dash was already installed...might have been the most difficult thing I have done on this car However, the story has a happy ending finally...I now have functioning AC in my almost 50 year old Japanese Resto-Mod... My next goal is to install the electric steering and heck...I might start taking this thing out on dates.
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