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Fuel pump relay wiring question

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So I have an rb25det neo going into a 82 280zx. I am using wiring specialties harness, with their universal fuses block.


Question: For the fuel pump 12v+- wire, at which wire at the fuel pump relay does this connect to.


universal fuse block.pdf






It is a 79 wiring diagram but it is nearly identical just different wire colors.

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Not enough resolution on the system diagram.


It would go to the switch side for the relay.

Thats the one that looks like a Coil.


I suspect B is connected to ground or chassis and WB is signal to it.  To double check, disconnect the relay and measure the Black to ground then the white/black wire to ground. 

You should learn to read a schematic diagram, it will really help you in the future wiring

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