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  1. These guys are really cheap https://www.nlmotoring.com/XXR-Wheels-s/32.htm
  2. Yeah man... This is an eye opening i want to do it...but I can only spend X dollars. Do some shopping and price out components, add 25% for bits/pieces and issues you won't realize up front. I did an engine swap first (cost nearly 10K to do correctly) Then did body (8K) then did suspension, wheels and bushings (another 6K) So pick your battles and priorities.... See what is a must have and a nice to have. Presently your engine runs? Leave it for now..get the rest of the body operating properly. A fuel injected LS would be fantastic..but if you have saggy suspension and holes in your floor then it lowers the experience a bit....
  3. check out Love20bee.com He made me a custom set of watanabes...super happy with them.
  4. Look at Silvermine They have some nice kits and Edan is very helpful!
  5. I could turn around and get pretty much what I paid for these wheels upon resale.... pay for what you get man....Heavy Cast vs Forged
  6. go to love20bee.com and get reaaaaaaal watanabes.... so glad I did this!
  7. Looking Good man... I just went through all the body work you did. which brakes did you go with?
  8. Love20Bee makes some AMAZEBALLS wheels. I follow him on insta and havent had the heart to fork out for his wheels yet... What rubber are you going to run?... I thought our only choice was R888...and we know how that goes with Canadian weather lol
  9. The search bar has some great tips... I typed your topic and found tons of insight. Good luck
  10. Agree with chickenman. i went with a 3 row champion radiator with a Ledfoot racing Shroud and fan combo. Works like a charm and fits beautifully. http://www.championradiators.com/Datsun-280z-radiator-1975-1978
  11. That's so awesome you have fab skills to make something like a catch can!
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