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300zx Turbo Z32 Differential/Brake parts in Texas??

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Looking for Z32 TT Rear sub frame assembly. I bought one from a seller on ebay and it turned out to be a short nose R200. The pickings are pretty slim at the junk yards in North texas so trying my luck here. Specifically looking for R-230, Wheel hubs, Brakes, and ebrake assembly from a Z32 Turbo car to finish up the swap in my 280. If you have any of these parts and are in North texas or willing to ship please let me know. I JUST WANT TO DRIVE MY CAR AGAIN!!


I have 2 longnose R200's id be willing to trade or just sell outright, a couple sets of axles, and of course an entire Z32 N/A car rearsubframe. Thanks!

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