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Z32 Parts interchange question

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So I'm usaully on here for S30 240zs as those are my favs and i have a few, but today I could not turn down the opportunity to pick up a 92 Z32 Twin Turbo. It's in bad shape but for $400 what do you want. 


I was searching the site and couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. Is there a list of some sort that someone has put together for parts that interchange in the Z32s?. This car will need alot of random parts from body panels and spoilers to ashtrays and mirrors. If I find a Z32 at a junk yard that is a non-turbo which parts are the same as my car? 90-95 .There are so many parts and hard to list them all but was wondering if alot of them interchange and are the same part number. Like I need fenders, a spoiler, front bumper, wheels. This is my first Z32..


Thanks in advance

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