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  1. Upgrading the 71 Series 1 240Z to triple DCOE 40 Italian Webers. My car is pretty much stock. What is a must as far as parts/mods needed to run this set up? I'm new to these carbs and the set I have is used and I dont know their history other than they look to be in good shape from the outside lol. Came with a Cannon Intake. Will I need a mandatory electric fuel pump, pump relays, oil pressure switches, fuel pressure regulator? I read some posts here but everyone had a different car, some with pusher electric pumps at tank ect. Would like to keep it as clean and stock looking as p
  2. Thanks they have a date stamped on the back 1976. So maybe stick with the factory size 195/70 14? Found these Vitour Galaxy performance 91H tires with white letters anyone ever run this brand? https://www.performanceplustire.com/tires-for-sale/vitour-tires/galaxy-r1-5/ty:Tire:ts:195-70-14/
  3. Just picked these old school wheels up they are 14x6 and have a zero offset. I did a little photoshopping with the wheels on a car similar to mine lol.. I need a tire that will last, good for sticking to road when driving curvy roads at higher speeds and Is somewhat comfortable for long drives. I like the old school look with alot of rubber filling the wheel well but also don't want to get a tire that is too wide or tall that rubs when turning. Definitely going to get white letter tires or use a paint pen if I have to I guess. Now that I have the wheel sizes. What do you guys think for
  4. That's a pretty awesome tool, been a member on this site since 2006 not to mention working on tons of cars of all makes and never seen that. Thanks. As far as an objective on this 240, I want to fill the wheel well with the largest performance tire that wont rub with my set up. Being able to raise or lower with the coilovers is nice but finding the right combination is what I'm looking for. I also have a painted fiberglass front valance that I dont want to scrape on the ground so slamming the car is not really what I want to do.
  5. In this photo #1 is the stock 195/70 14 #2 is 225/60 14. Dont know if #2 tire being too wide would rub.
  6. Toyo proxes look good. However when comparing the height of the 50 series tire you suggested, it looks like it's almost 2 full inches shorter than the factory 195/70 14 tire. (#1) 195/70 14 stock vs (#2) 225/50 14 in picture. A 225/60 14 is taller.
  7. I'm not sure what the width is of those old slotted mags. I just finished painting my car in the garage and haven't really measured the width but they are pretty standard old school mags they dont stick out of the well much and actually fit rather nice. Yes I'm aware of the stickers but rather go with raised letters as the stickers come off and white letter pen ink wears out. Not going to roll the fenders on the series 1. I was thinking about trying 225/60/14s but not sure if they will rub.. I'm guessing they are 6-7" wheels but I will find out. As far as performance , I mean som
  8. I have a early 71 240z. Looking to use the old slotted mags that I have but get some nice looking/fitting tires. I want to go with the white letter vintage look tires also. I have coilovers on the car and was maybe trying to fit the largest tire to fill the wheel well gaps with out them rubbing. Looking for some recommendations on sizes and maybe a certain tire to go with. Thank you.
  9. With rust repairs, body work and paint jobs now exceeding $20k+ these days I decided to restore my early 71 240z my self. It has been a long 5 YEARS!. But I'm finally at the painting stage and doing my first ever paint job at my house and as expected, im running into issues. Welded in new dog panels and did all the body work and primer myself, blocksanded everything straight, glass out, interior is newly painted and cleared along with the engine compartment. Just painted all my panels front and back but I still need to paint the actual car ( roof, quarters and rear). Ev
  10. I will check. I have a 240z with short 240z collar now. I think the 280s were longer like the zx so maybe that's why you didnt have to change yours.
  11. Have a early 71 240z with a 5 speed 280z transmission. It has all the 240z components inside including the original 240z flywheel, pressure plate, 240z collar, adjustable slave cylinder and 225mm clutch disc. I am upgrading the clutch set up and have purchased a new lightweight Fidanza flywheel, and new 240mm Exedy stage one racing clutch kit that fits a ZX or 280z 2+2. The Fidanza flywheel wheel work with either a 225mm or 240mm clutch. Does anybody know which collar I will need for this particular set up? I would think to just buy the collar that goes with the press
  12. Hello all. So I have my early 71 240z that I have been working off and on for like 5 years and I had set a goal to have it done by this summer but I have a bunch of variables in my situation. The goal is to take this car to a professional paint shop and have them use their paint booth, professional spray guns, and experience to paint my car as I have never painted a car before and want this one done the right way. Shop time and labor cost is an issue, I want to be able to do as much as possible at home and bring them the car to paint. As stated I have a bunch of va
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