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1948 hudson commodore split windshield project

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Well my little brother will possibly be getting a car soon. My Dad found this car and it looks like a great project. It will probably be a hybrid just for the fact that you can't get a rebuilt hudson motor. Dad is thinking thinking a 350 chevy will work but I think that is overkill since he does not want to go fast at all. I was thinking Ford 2.3 Turbo. This car will not be hotrodded. It would probably have an airbag suspension and a few other nice things like A/C. It would be a testbed for my brother's artistic skills.


I' of course, would weld in the new rear 4 link or whatever suspension and do almost all of the suspension work with the air compressor and other stuff. He wants it to be "old school" looking but does not want to go fast in it. That is probably a good thing since this car weighs about as much as two track prepared Z cars. I would have to fabricate a new front bumper and grille sionce those are missing.

In fact this car may have the paint rolled on. :-)

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Muspuppis: behind a fence that I just stuck my camera over. It appears to not have any holes in the body like my Z did... plus it is probably built like a tank.

kennysgreen280zt: I would not think there would be any stuff for those cars but that is cool that there is stuff out there for them. I think that it is an Inline 6 but I am not sure. It is a 4-door with two bench seats.

It looks like it needs that drivers window but that should not be too much. I like the look of whitewall tires on that car too.

this place has about 200 cars and they rebuild a bunch of them to perfect condition. They have a showroom full of older cars but they weren't open when I stopped by.

The plan would be to to have an automatic transmission, 200-250 horsepower. It could be a hybrid with a 350 chevy or that 2.3T ford...Or maybe even keep the engine in it if it could be rebuilt and then mated to an automatic tranny. The idea of putting the body on like a caprice or other chassis has been considered. This car would be planned out in advance opposed to the never-ending totology of my car.

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Updraft? I wonder if there is a performance benefit to spitting the air/fuel mixture up out of the carb like a volcano...would that make it an external combustion engine? Way cooler than a nitrous purge!


Sorry dude, you know I had to give it to you a little bit. That's a Downdraft carb.

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