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  1. I can't speak much to the G37 as an owner, but my mom had one and loved it. It seemed lightyears above the G35 in terms of build quality to me. I have a 2004 G35 Sedan, and it has about 140K miles on it. It is not aging well. The VQ35DE starts hemorraging oil all over the place around 100k, and one of the main culprits are the plastic valve covers that warp. This leads to spark plug tube seal failures and the base gasket leaking all over the exhaust manifolds. Since they made the decision to build the tube seals into the valve covers, a $3 repair just became a $300 repair (per side). You have to pull the intake plenum to get to them, so you need that gasket set as well. Aside from that problem, the interior hasn't been holding up well either. One of the leather inserts on the rear door started to separate about 30k miles ago; i just pulled it off. The steering wheel has a lot of sun deterioration on it, and some of the weather strips in the door jambs seem to be making a lot of wind noise. This car seems to eat brakes, and I've had to replace the front inner control arm bushings due to failure. Though admittedly those both may just be my wife's driving.
  2. I don't have a Z anymore (though I have a garage full of turbo parts and wheels still), but when I did I was in Tampa also. We have family there, so I'm back quite often though. That full assembly looks awesome, even with the unkempt wiring all over the place.
  3. Hey Derek, once you have it in the car, are you going to show it at any of the Orlando events like Festival of the Masters, or maybe the Old Town show? I'd love to see it in person some time.
  4. I looked around over at www.kyushashoes.com, and couldn't find the exact wheel you have pictured here. The closest one I saw was a Yokohama Almex Unknown1: http://kyushashoes.com/bwg_tag/eighties-2/#bwg737/1095 Any photos of the casting markings on them that might clue you in?
  5. On a non-coilover suspension, it seems like 4.5" of backspacing is the most people are running without rubbing. That is the dimension you need to be most concerned with (at least for inside rub); in the aforementioned 15" X 9.5" -20 example, that is exactly 4.5" of backspacing. but that same -20 offset on a 10" wide wheel would put you at 4.75" backspace, and you'd likely be rubbing the suspension.
  6. If you seal it well enough, I'd imagine it will hold boost if that's what you're asking. What's the goal of the project? From some of the comments in your initial post, it kind of sounds like you're trying to build a sleeper, but maybe you're just looking to add a turbo to your otherwise stock setup to keep costs low? Just curious, and I think it affects the suggestions you may get. This thread I thought was interesting along the lines of keeping an SU look but going TBI: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/85654-su-fuel-injection-manifold-conversion/
  7. You got that car for free in that kind of condition? That is awesome.
  8. Carolla is a big Newman car collector. He's got a number of the former Newman/Sharp cars in his collection. On his podcast he said the next doc they're going to do is about Ford taking the GT40 to LeMans. http://www.forbes.com/sites/hunteratkins/2015/06/16/how-adam-carolla-became-the-worlds-greatest-paul-newman-racecar-collector/
  9. http://www.triumphexp.com/article/how-to-blow-through-an-su.html
  10. The image is the same for all the chassis kits, I think it is just "representative." If you open the image in a new tab, they all have the same file name.
  11. That is an interesting set of alloys on the rear, can't say I recognize them.
  12. You try contacting these people as well: http://www.earlydatsun.com/index.html
  13. I think it would not look good, the proportions are all wrong. At best you'll end up with something that looks like a Chevy Vega I think. Particularly when the Kenmeri fastback already exists.
  14. If you look at any serious aero cars (world time attack challenge, pike's peak, pretty much any touring car series), they vent the rears of the wheels or leave them open. I don't know where this one falls on the "serious attempt at real aero" scale, but I think that's the look they are trying to reference at least. If it's primarily a street car, rock chips would be a real concern. http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1511-fugu-z-reveal-at-greddy-hq/
  15. So OSG had Rebello build that engine? They didn't just do it themselves? Or was it an existing Rebello stroker that they started with maybe? Here is a picture of the engine bay that somebody commented on that facebook post with:
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