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2+2 Vg30dett Questions?

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go here http://300zx-twinturbo.com/cgi-bin/manual.cgi


ALL VG30DE ecu pinout are the same.


The speed sensor is pin 54 and is color coded Y/G



#22 goes to the A/T controll module ( I dont know what it does, if you are running a manual trans terminat it, if you are running an Auto tranny it goes to pin# 23 on the A/T tranny module)


#44 In the Netual switch OR clutch safty switch (Ground to start) the color code is Y/L


#54 is Throttle valve switch related probably LG/R in color


here are the major Nissan wire color codes through 1998




ALso on in the online manual there are MUCH MUCH more in depth diagrams on pages 102-180 in the "Engine Fuel and Emissions systems" section


and pages 173-177 give you a specifc pin location for all the the engines sensors.



If you are wiring up a VG30DE thoes are the 78 most important pages you will EVER read. make sure your printer has ink and print all the diagrams out and use them as your shop manual. thats what I have done.


and here is the link to the downloadable version of the manual in .PDF form I keep it on my laptop so I have it when I'm at the shop.



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BROTHER!!! You just made my day... I have read just half of the thread and I found some of my problems...:icon10::-D...


I swap a vg30de to vg30dett, I'm using the N/a harness and turbo ecu, of course. I guess the car won't start because of pin 44 and 54, good thing.

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