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I've got Oil Pressure!

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Filled my 302 tonight with 30W Castrol and primed it to check and make sure I'm getting good oil pressure for the first time. I was given this motor over a year ago as a fresh (5 years ago, but never ran) rebuild. I took it apart and inspected every piece about a year ago and put it all back together. My first time doing that BTW. Definitely a good feeling to see oil coming out of the lifters and 40-50 psi on the gauge. It only took seconds to happen, contrary to some posts I've read where people have spun the drill for upwards of 10-20 min. Might have been cause I filled the oil filter before priming. Thoughts?


Man I am so close to firing this thing up. I only need my radiator hose to come in, exhaust made and to reconnect the Datsun wiring harness (all easy). Thanks to my 15 hr/day work schedule I probably won't get this fired up for another month, even with so little to do. Oh well, no need to rush I guess...

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