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Update - Feb. 7 2010

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Man this winter has been unreal... Yesterday morning I blew snow for about an hour while I was letting the fire warm the garage... By yesterday afternoon we'd picked up another 10 inches and I had to go back over it again... We're at over 2 feet.


So, I managed to finish up the base for the driver's seat, and get it primed and painted and ready to reinstal the seat. I also managed to finish up the hood Dzeus fastener adjustment so they all work now... Today I might get back down there and finish up the harness mounts for the harnesses for both seats. The original bar location was to low for the mounting of the seats. Unfortunately when I had the cage done, I did not have seats yet and the fabricator was guessing I'd have the seats on the floorpan... So... No big deal, but I need to raise the shoulder strap locations...


I also need to weld a pair of braces in at the fuel cell that will aid in rear impact safety and a couple of small brackets for bolting on the radiator air box... Then the welding is done and I can get back to the final buttoning up of the car.


On the Miata front, I have the car stripped and loaded in the car trailer. It's going out for a SPEC LEGAL specmiata cage instal. The car was supposed to be at their shop on Friday, but the impending weather diverted us... I'm hoping to get there tomorrow, but the region is under a state of emergency and the auxilery drive to the shop has NOT been cleared yet...


On the dreaded black winged car front... got it back from a lengthy stay at the shop. Had the transmission completely gutted and rebuilt with much stronger parts, along with a new billet Guards limited slip, upgraded clutch/pressure plate, and upgraded clutch hydraulics. I've got a pile of new parts to instal on it. New monoball suspension components, new Xflow exhaust system, new front bumper cover and inner fender liners... Lots of bits and pieces.



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