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Ground Control Camber Plate template

About This File

Ground Control Camber Plate template as drawn and designed by Zzeal in his original thread here: http://forums.hybrid...ad.php?t=152601


I scanned in a copy of the template to .pdf format. I taped it to a standard 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and fed it through my nice top-feed scanner at work so that it wouldn't reduce or enlarge the size at all.

I confirmed that the size doesn't change by printing it from Adobe Acrobat, you just want to make sure after clicking print that in the "page handling" section of the print window that under "page scaling" to select "none" and uncheck "auto-rotate and center" and it prints out perfectly 1-1 to the original template made by Zzeal.

One more tip, you'll probably want to print it on the thickest paper your printer can handle so that when you cut it out it isn't super flimsy like it will be if you just use regular printer paper.

Contributed by: junglist

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