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  1. all fixed.IT ended up being the new dizzy was bad.
  2. hey,whats up guys?I finnally got my 280zxt running.thanks to the information on this site.I had a rough idle between 200 and 800 rpms.It ended pu being my pick up tube on the new dizzy,well replace it, i now have good idle.I still had a problem with the car not wanting to rev past 3000 rpm and it would back fire as well.That ended up being the two groud wires on the ecu.I reach down and move the wires while taking of and the car kicked in driving great.thanks
  3. On that past thread, you had asked if cleaning the ECU will help out your similar problems to inepitude09? i believe that is his name.

    Anyways, yes that will help you out a ton. Just do some more reading and searching and the basics to get the car running right are there. If you have any questions that dont seem to be solved by searching, then post a very descriptive thread.

  4. thanks.Ill start this weekend on the intake and see how it works.
  5. were do you find th block off plates?your intake looks clean...
  6. I have a 82280zxt 2+2 5 speed.Its doesnt idle right after it gets to normal runing temp.It goes between 800 and 200 rpms.it almosts shuts off ,but deosnt.Ive check timing,compression,fuel pressure,all reads like the fsm said.plugs and wires are new.I also couldnt find any vac leaks any were. any other ides would help.thanks
  7. this sounds like my problem.i have a 82 280zxt 2+2,it idles at 800 rpm then after about 30min when at normal temp,it starts idling weird.It idle between 800rpm and 200rpms.Ichecked for vac leaks,fuel pressure,and compression test is good.could cleanig the ecu help?
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