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  1. Ok. I will try to locate a low mile VG30. The reason I asked for the VG33 is that i was able to find a low mile one nearby, is it really that much work to swap a VG33 in place of a VG30? The person selling it told me the engines were very similar. Any input?
  2. Can I use an engine from a fwd application? ie. maxima? or does it have to be rwd?
  3. Not all that interested in a vg30e, not trying to make it the most powerful ride out there either, i already have another car for that. I read something about a vg33, but i still have to research some more, as I said the car is basically just a shell and I would like to swap an easy, newer (as in less miles) engine in the car. Which cars can a source a vg30 series engine from? all the z's i have seen have lots of miles.
  4. Hey, I just got an 86 300zx with a knocking engine and I am looking to having it replaced but all the vg30's i have found have lots of miles. What other engine is a direct swap? Can a sr20det fit? I bought the car with what was supposedly a good engine but got screwed now all i got is a shell and i am looking to replace the engine with something hopefully better/more powerful. I ll post some pictures later. Thanks
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