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  1. Hi, my MS3 is now installed and im looking for a starting MAP so i can start the engine and do some tune. Here what i got: oversized flat top piston 0.20 camshaft: .273 intake lift.274 exhaust,n42 block n47 head shaved(i think i have 10/1comp instead of 8.5/1) 60mm TB stock injectors for now, flywheel and damper,innovate lc-1 wideband. Im reading a lot on MS3 and EFI but a starting MAP would be much appreciated Thanks
  2. I found stock Turbo with manifold and downpipe thx (its what i need for my project 8-10 psi will be enough:P )but i still need MS turbo distributo shaft, feeding line and other little thing im missing for now have not much time to write THX
  3. Planning to put some boost on my engine and im lookin for a Turbo set up clean like MS ecu,O2 sensor wideband,exhaust manifold, turbo downpipe, intercooler with piping feeding line,turbocompressor. With not much thing to do on it if anyone have something for me ill be very happy
  4. This is the piston with rod... measure to come dont find my measurement tool my bro probably take it
  5. I just bought a set of use l24 connecting rod and i wanted to know which year they r so i check the part number and it is write Japan no142-2. I have the Frank Honsowetz book ( How to modify your nissan datsun ohc engine) and in his rod number list i cant find that number. Anybody know from which year and model it come from. I will measure all the rod and post a pictures to show u...
  6. Ok if u add the megasquirt computer with turbo injectors (already have) and a good cam on the third option i think ill be on the right way. thx for advice guys ill make my mind on what ill do
  7. ok so ur advice is put the cash in the head fine ill do the 3.1L base already have everything except piston ill check for the right cam (lift duration) i have aproximately 3000$ to spend so
  8. Yeah 2mm gasket not bad idea... and for the stock parts its for the moment (EFI and Cam) planning to upgrade i already have header and 60mm TB and ported N42 intake... and Begi fuel regulator if i need more fuel and for cash i dont want to do the same thing twice like installing 1mm gasket and after say: damm to much compression for the Quebec 91 octane Gasoline... thats what i mean by dont want to make mistake... juste need some advice from guys who have done it
  9. I had the same problem with my N47 head... the liner was made to burn particle who was not burned the first time it work with the EGR in some way... i pulled out all the other one to have the same flow in the head but i dont really know if it affect the faverage flow of the head... i think bigger intake with bigger exhaust can only help ur engine but if u go this way dont forget to atleast do a little port and polish to help sorry for my english lol
  10. Im new to hybridz but im not for the Zcar... Im planning to build 3.1L stroker with F54 block and N47 head (already have one rebuild) I just want to save some bucks and do it right. Planning to run it EFI (stock) and stock cam for now... With the engine calculator with flat Ka24 piston and 1mm gasket i will get +/- 11.5/1 compression... but here in Quebec Canada we just have 91 octane gas lol and wanna know if it will pink or if ill be ok... almost forgot i want to keep some street rideability but will do more often autocross Daryl sorry for my english lol
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