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  1. I ordered one of their motors from them... a R34 with a 6 speed. I phoned 4 times trying to confirm that it was actually a 6 speed, but they wouldn't go and check, wouldn't go an take a picture, and kept telling me "Don't worry, we know what we are selling, we sell these things all the time." So as you can guess, I got a R32 motor with a 5 speed delivered. They wouldn't give me a break on the price, and wouldn't do anything about it. They also said that their motors have somewhere around 60,000 km on them, but the sticker on this motor said the timing belt was changed at 98000km. It did have a fairly new clutch on it though... but I wouldn't go through them. I think you can find cheaper and better elsewhere. I just really wanted the transmission, so if someone wants the motor, send me an email (richard@4kruzn.com) thanks, Richard.
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