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  1. Thank`s for all the input, regarding the offset I got my question answered from ComicArtist`s pictures. That is my maximum degree of aggressive, so I know how far I can go. 


    Since I have the Rotas, I might just use my time searching for a old classic Japanese wheel. Nice list you got there HaaJeHaa, makes it easier to search when you know the names :) 


    Work are selling nice wheels, but they are expensive, and right now I`m seeing a lot of Equip and Meister`s. Something old would be super nice.... 

  2. Thank`s, glad to hear you like how the car came out! 


    I`m for sure keeping the Rota`s, would just like a set of 15" as well, and with a more aggressive style. By aggressive I`m thinking ComicArtist is there. But are you running rear flares up front? And as I wrote 15x8 -51 wouldn't that just be 1mm further out then the 15x10 -25? Diamond only have 8" and 10", no 9/9,5". Would 8" up front make it better to drive, or is 10" all around the way to go?


    For sure, my dream wheels are a set of 15" SSR MKIII, but it`s hard to find, and very expensive. 

  3. Hi, 


    I`m now running Rota RB-R`s from the group buy, and would like a second pair of wheels. This time in 15" with as much dish/lip as possible, and run a very aggressive fitment. 


    Looking at the Diamond Racing Wheels, and would like some input on what to order. I`m on zg-flares, coilovers, and toyota brakes. 


    15x8 -51 front and 15x10-38 rear, how does that sound? Or would it be better to run 10" all around? 








  4. Would like to try a Want To Buy here, as I`m considering a new engine for my 240z.


    I`m currently running the stock L24 with 6-1, dcoe 40, upgrade ignition ++, and dont think it`s quite enough. I`m in Norway, but would like/need to have it shipped to Fort Lauderdale. Since it is going to cost some in shipping I`m looking for a nicely built longblock/complete engine/NA/Turbo.


    The car is a street driven car, but far from daily.




    Kind regards


  5. Hey Jimmy, what are the specs on the wheel/tire combo on your car?


    Looks great!


    Hi there,


    wheels are RB-R`s from the group buy, 17x9-13 & 17x9,5-19. Thank`s, here is a picture from last weekend at "Olso Motorshow". Added stock wipers, driprails, fender emblems and the ducktail for the show. :-)


    The one with Meister cr01`s look great! Considering to order a set of cr01`s for the spring...

    post-11135-025724700 1351864633_thumb.jpg

  6. Thank`s for the feedback! The Weber LP4000 kit was a complete kit with wires, springs and rod bolting on under the carb. Then it uses "levelers" between the carbs. This might be a good setup with one single dcoe, but I did not like the levelers between the carbs, and the pedal was verry heavy with this kit. After reading your feedback I vent back to mounting the rod on the manifold, and using the "pushrods", that I like. I removed the third eye-bolt at the end of the manifold, and are now running the pushrod for carb 1 and 2 on the same side, and have attached the wire to it. Little hard for me to explane, but I`ll take some pictures of it and post. I really like how it turned out, and pedal feels verry light! :-)

  7. Hi,


    I have a triple dcoe/cannon setup on my L24. First I had the stock pedal linkage, with the common three pushrods linkage type. Tried two types of return springs, and adjusting them just as much as needed. Still tought my throttle pedal was verry heavy, and have now installed a Weber LP4000 wire/linkage kit with Balancer/levelers keeping the carbs together. Looking at this kit installed, I dont really like it that much. It has springs built in to the mechanism, and the pedal is super heavy.


    What are you guys running? Do you have heavy pedal`s, ore is it possible to get it light with three carbs?


    Would be verry nice with some feedback before ordering more parts...


    Thank`s! :-)

  8. Hi,


    I have used a clutch slave cylinder that I bougt from BlackDragon. Now I have lost the pushrod (installing new flywheel), and need a new one today. Can I just make one? Anyone know the correct length?


    Running unknown 5-speed trans, on 73` 240z.


    Would be verry apreciated!



  9. I`m driving with a Inovate LM2 on the car when I`m testing/tuning. The numbers I`m refering to is from the LM2. I`m getting the same afr-results, switching between the 28mm and the 32mm venturies every time. So my 130main jet is doing 10,8:1 with 28mm venturi, and then when I insert the 32mm venturies, everything goes way too lean. Hmm..


    I do not know if there has been done anything to the distributor. What is normal? Should I buy a new one? It is not advancing much without vacuum.


    Thank`s guys!

  10. Ok, thank`s. I may have been giving the wrong picture on "not reving freely". It revs, and runs good, no stumbe etc., but it does not kick-in like other people say it should do with webers. I have played alot with the timing, and it does not do any big effects on the af. I`m running stock distributor now, without vacuum. Is replacing this with a full mechanical one the thing to do?


    Right now I`m running 38deg. on full advance, but its like 20 on idle.

  11. Thank`s guys!


    The car does not rev freely, but dont know if its the 10,6 a/f, or to small venturi. Anyway, I ordered the 32mm venturies because I wanted to do some testing. Have been playing with the timeing, but with the 32mm it goes way to lean. Reving gently (using idle jet) I have 14-15 afr, once main ciricut comes in, it goes 17+ afr, and starts cutting because it`s too lean.


    Can I now go up to 55f9 idle, and 140 main, would that do much? Or go down to 30mm venturies?





  12. Thank`s, I`ll keep you in mind!


    Running Rota RBR`s now from the group buy, so dont want the new wheels to be less aggressive (17x9-13 17x9,5-19). Looking on Work wheels, but if I order them now, I wont get to use them this summer, 8-10 weeks + shipping. Searching for used "jdm wheel" sellers, but I understand wheels with this kind of offset isn`t easy to find... :-)

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