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  1. have you ever figured out that fuel pump wiring issue you had? I'm currently in the same situation as you. I'm running the fuel pump from the stock eccs but i want megasquirt to control everything. This is what i've found so far from searching but don't fully understand what it's saying about the blue w/red hooked to EFI relay power out +12v. To get the fuel pump and relay setup for MS: Stock fuel pump relay information: white w/black stripe is +12v (power in from EFI relay) green is power out (to fuel pump and air regulator) black is ground for the relay trigger (throug
  2. Hey guys I have a 1982 280zxt just installed megasquirt and I need to know how to wire up the purple wire from the painless harness from diyautotune.com. I know i need to wire it up to the fuel pump relay but not sure which wires, i'm using ms2 extra 2.1 by the way. thanks
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post I believe, just thought I should give some back since this site has done so much for me, more than you can possibly imagine actually. My maps for ms2 msextra 2.1. My setup: 280zxt f54 block 50 thou over p90 head stock cam & head turbonetics 57 trim turbo 3" down pipe & exhaust volvo fmic fuel pressure at 40psi fidanza 11lb flywheel 5-6 lb boost This setup has my car running right now, pretty good actually, still needs some work but it runs strong for low boost levels. will post again when i feel it's better, still have to up the
  4. Hey guys on here again and having some trouble with my block I'm getting ready to put new rings on my stock turbo pistons by the way i have a 82 280zx turbo stock block, and i decided to check my tolerances before i put them in and noticed that all of my cylinder bores are bigger then spec according to the book i have. The book says the bore should be 3.3858-3.3878in and my bore size is 3.3935in on the worst cylinder three of the cylinders are bigger then spec but less then 3.3935in also my ring gap was .031, so my question is are those specs correct and if so can i reuse the block or will i h
  5. considered done guys i'm leaving the car there, thanks for all the advice you guys are awesome. I have to get my passport all figured out then i think i may go to the states and get one, to bad i couldn't find one close to home but i guess it's always going to be the same problems down here with the rust. thanks again, Scott
  6. I have some more pics guys they are kinda big though man not sure to go with it or not, I live in Newfoundland, and the car is in Alberta so looking at it is out of the question, shipping will cost me $1500 can you order frame rail replacements? or would i have to build my own? Thanks guys for all the help i need all the advice i can get i'm not familiar with the older z's but i love them.
  7. well this kinda sucks I'm not sure what i should do, I really want a 240z to put my rebuilt engine in, i have an 82 2+2 but the frame rails are bad, I live in Canada and it's not easy finding a 240z here in good shape, I paint and do body work myself for quite some time now so paint doesn't bother me but I don't wanna fool around with unibody chassis's, think it's worth $1000 and the work that i'm going to get into? Thanks for all the replies guys. Scott
  8. Well I was talking to the guy today, he say there are pinholes in one of the floor pans but the frame rock solid, he says that the quarter panels or rear fenders are fiberglass the car was like that since he's owned it. Is that right or do they come with steel quarters?
  9. Hey guys i'm new to this forum but not to z's, I have an opportunity to buy a 240z which needs restoration for $1000.00 i was wondering if there was a place on the car i should be looking for damage like the frame rails or floor pans? i'll post some pics and let me know what you guys think. Looks like a diamond in the ruff to me, but i'm not familiar with the 71's i have an 82. Let me know guys he's going to send me more pics soon of the frame etc. Thanks in advance. Scott
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