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  1. Subscribing Note: I currently have my motor out and am looking into replacing my trans setup. Let me know if you still need a Z for the prototype. I PMed you on FB.
  2. Hey guys long time no update. heres a little clip i put together for the meantime
  3. fo sho!! dude sorry it took me soooooooooo long to reply!!! i think my email might be sending my hybrid stuffs to spam
  4. TRANS FOUND. Thank you all, but i no longer need a transmission! Thread CLOSED
  5. Hey guys. Need a s130 1980-1983 Non turbo 5-Speed. I would prefer an 80, but any of the later years a cool too. I'm located in 91789. let me know if any of yall have a spare!
  6. nope! my porter is currently working on a head for JohnC. I figured i would give him some space until he's done. Not to mention, i think my current 5 speed might be going out. ive got some grinding from 1-2 and crazy grinding (when pushing it) from 2-3. so i dont want to mess with the head until i sort out some power transmission troubles. considering the way i drive, i need an lsd NOW. furthermore, i was beating the sh*t out of my Z and managed to spring an oil leak somewhere around the timing cover. It leaks in just the right direction to make my belt slip '' to be honest i want to pull the
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us need to work on my a/f!
  8. about 205hp n 215ftlb. its ok for the first attempt, but much more work is a comin!
  9. oh snap, i forgot to update! To Do: Need a catch can, 2mm head gasket (im to cheap for 100 octain), finish porting, optimize my jetting, LSD, wider/sticky-er tires. heh, even with my grip less clutch im still breaking loose coming out of corners. Mods: Well since we were tuning last minute for MSA we ended up drilling the main fuel jets. So i went ahead and recently replaced them with 165s from WCR. I also bought an Exedy Stage 2 clutch kit since my current clutch is giving out.
  10. yea me neither! we found out when we pulled the l24. as for the head work price i was very hooked up
  11. Hey sorry about the lag. So far ive spent about 3500 on everything. Note, this build is by no means complete! as a matter of fact i thought i could get away with re-using the aftermarket clutch... boy was i wrong.
  12. heh actually only the mikuni is mine. the rest belong to Erick
  13. Weeeeeeeeell. today ended up being a intake day. I stopped by the shop after class. we slapped on 3 different IMs on my ported n42. At 28" of water and 550 lift (i think it was 550) we got the following info: Raw Head CFM: 207 With SK Racing (Ported) IM: 197 With Cannon IM: 161 With Mikuni IM: 145 I figured i would stick with the cannon since super fast response is not as important as potential power to me. The mikuni's the shortest of the bunch. sk is the polished. cannon has a big ars stamp on it lol
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