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  1. I like using a single stage urethane paint. That's what we used at the body shop I worked at for areas that would recieve a lot of wear. So basically, I agree with Snailed.
  2. OldAndyAndTheSea. Bravo, great walk through. That's exactly what I learned working at a body shop this last summer.
  3. I am rebuilding L24 and L26 engines and need flat-top pistons--I would also be interested in domed-top as well. Thanks, just trying to get this thing running before med. school.
  4. Thanks guys I really appreciate the help. The guy I bought it from was going to rebuild it so I have all of the parts, I think. But I need to double check and make sure all of the measurements are the same. The problem is I am at school in Washington and the engine is at my home in Montana. So I am trying to figure out what I need to do to prepare the block so when I get back I just have to put it together.
  5. Hey, I have a 240z that I am restoring but I have had issues with the engines and they will have to be rebuilt. I have an L28 in my garage though that I am planning on putting in the car, but it also needs to be rebuilt. I bought it from a guy and need some information about what I need to do with the block and such before I start the rebuild. I assume I need to have a machining shop clean it and check for cracks and stuff right? Sorry I'm new to this so a step by step walk through would be really helpful from you more experienced enthusiasts. Thanks I really appreciate any help.
  6. I have a 72 240z an I currently have the stock su's on, but I have had to rebuild them and I just want something better and equipped for racing. All I can find are weber carbs that are about $1000. Is there anything out there that is good and less expensive? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.
  7. I would be happy to take those weber carbs off your hands. ha ha I bought two 240z's awhile back for 700 and have been working on them whenever I am home from college, but I understand your frustration--my cars have had no end of little issues. I have ordered lock mechanisms and such from, I think its Black Dragon, maybe. They have all kinds of parts for decent prices. I would check them out. It would not help the removal, but might help with replacement parts.
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