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  1. WTB shifter & "control housing" for the s15 6-speed gearbox. Have been looking everywhere but can't find any. Don't need a short shifter, stock will be fine, I just need to be able to shift. (Bought a box that came without the shifter..) If you have one lying around and willing to sell, let me know. At reasonable price will buy immediately. (stole the picture from the net, I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting it..)
  2. Thanks again guys. I was in touch with Schneider directly and was told the cam in question is great for carbed setup but as I'm planning EFI the lobe center would need to be wider, ideally 112 degrees while in this cam it is 107. So I won't be getting this cam but will keep looking for good alternatives as I'll be getting the EFI in the winter and not sure when I will be installing it. good to hear about the french Datsun fans, might be good to get in touch with them especially once I'm in the process of doing the upgrades. I just registered my Z and for a while definitely just want to
  3. Hi Lazeum, Nice to have French colors here too! The trouble finding info on french communities is that my french on technical terms is very limited and I end up spending a lot of time trying to really understand everything. Also there aren't that many Datsun specialists in this country as you probably know. Anyway, as I just purchased my Z recently I haven't done any timing adjustments so don't even know how that mallory adjustment works. Will look into that and if you can spare a tip quickly that'd be nice too. I think I may be buying that cam, and if it turns out not to be a good one I
  4. thank you that's what I need to know. Additionally, do people here have experience on the Schneider Cams? The one I mentioned before interests me as it fits my currently tight budget. With my experience it's hard to tell the actual impact that cam would have on my engine, and as it is hard to find specific info for cams on L26+MN47 any comments on that will be appreciated. I forgot to mention earlier that I'm running a pretty fresh Mallory Unilite dizzy, but once I go for MS I am planning to replace that by EDIS. Also I'm far from trying to get the last HP out of the combo, so on that
  5. Hi again, I simplify my question: are different L-series heads' camshafts interchangeable? I've tried googling this and using the search but to no avail. As this is my first car with an L-series engine I obviously don't have much experience of the different heads that can be used on an L-engine. Mine is MN47 and would like to know more about what cams fit. any insight into this will be appreciated.
  6. Hi, I recently bought my first Z, a -74 260z with stock block, mn47 head and currently running 4 barrel holley. header and 2,5" exhaust. I'm getting a 280z fuel injection which I am planning to run by MS. The engine will stay N/A and needs to be town driveable although I'm willing to sacrifice that quite a bit for performance. I just came across a new performance cam for sale: "Datsun 240Z 260Z Schneider Performance Camshaft. New camshaft for an L series 6 cylinder engine. Part Number: 17034. Lift(In/Ex): .460/.460. Duration(In/Ex): 270/280. " now my question is are L-series cams in
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