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  1. ill test all of the connectors and see if they are all working properly. thanks
  2. i pulled out a few of the injectors and they looked good, they weren't clogged at all? is there some sensor the z31 ecu uses that i dont have hooked up? like a speed sensor or fuel temp sensor?
  3. My problem is when i drive the car as soon as it hits boost at 4000 rpm the car will fall on its face. The car is a 82 turbo motor with the z31 maf and ecu in it. I know this problem has been discussed before and i have done countless searches and cant find an answer that works. heres what i have done so far, I have cleaned all the connections with brake clean, i have checked the fuel pressure when i am driving and it doesn't loose pressure at all, i have bought a wide band o2 sensor and is telling me that my car is running lean on boost. NOW heres the interesting part, i diconnected my CHTS and the car ran fine an still went lean when i was driving it... like 20:1 AFR!!! I have also replaced the maf? Now i am wondering if there is something i am missing? what would cause the car to run lean all the time? the car is a 240z so it does'nt have a speed sensor, would this cause a problem like this?
  4. Hi, i was also wondering do ppl have troubles with the clips on the z31 ecu like the 280zx clips? Would it be worth my while to clean the clips?
  5. sweet thanks alot for the advice ill give that i try.
  6. if the maf wasn't connected would the engine run right at all? Would it rev at all?
  7. thanx, ill look into the timing and a/f ratio
  8. hi, i have a 82' 280zx turbo motor with a z31 ecu and maf. I installed the z31 components about a month ago and since i installed them my car wont rev past 3500-4000 on boost. When its idling it will rev with no problem at all? I installed a walbro 255lph to see if it was a volume problem and that didn't help at all. I was wondering if there was something i did wrong when i installed the z31 ecu/maf, or any other suggestions on what i could try next. THANKS
  9. hi, i have a 82 280zx turbo motor in a 240z, and i am still having some troubles getting to run right. I think the o2 sensor could be a problem, i have tried looking at the ecu when the car is running and there is no blinking light at all! im not sure what this means, the light is on and it just turns off when i start the engine and it doesn't come back on so i know the light has not just burnt out? It also runs funny, it will will work great when i push the peddle down about halfway but as soon as i go anymore it starts to stumble and backfire out of the intake likes its running lean? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
  10. Thanx, ill go and clean all of the connections right now. Then if that does'nt solve the problem ill start to check the other stuff
  11. I finally got my 240z turbo running the other day!!! which is a great feeling but then i ran into some problems, the car has a really rough idle and when i try to rev it, it revs really rough until about 2000 rpm then it smooths out and runs normal? When i went to drive it, it would run up to about 2000 rpm and then it would start to stumble and backfire and wouldn't rev any higher?
  12. ya the fuel pressure is at 30 psi at idle and it goes up when i push the throttle.
  13. I changed out the TPS with a working one from another car and it didn't solve the problem at all. I think it could be running lean because when I squirted gas into the AFM with a squirt boddle it reved up good? So I was wondering what could cause that lack of gas? I made the AFM almost as rich as it could go and it didn't make a difference? I am at a total loss right now?
  14. I took the j-pipe off from the turbo to the manifold, when I opened the throttle body it seemed to suck in alot of air, but as soon as it was opened more than a couple of degrees the rpms dropped and it started to ilde very rough and stumble alot? I cant tell if its not getting enough air or if its not getting enough gas?
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