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  1. thanks for another option Silverado - they look a bit pricey, but I go thru that area several times a year and will be sure to check them out.
  2. yeah, around here they seem to be collision only, concours level restoration or somewhat shady. Let me know if you find someone reasonable!
  3. Erikr - thanks for the tip, I'll drop by there and check them out!
  4. Nelsonian - I don't actually have the kit yet. It's ordered, and John reports it's in the QA process now. Probably see it in a few weeks. I'd love to see pics of your car with it installed tho!
  5. finally got to the point in my build where i'd like to get the car stripped and primered, and set of SubtleZ fenders installed. Anyone have a recommendation for a shop somewhere around the san jose area? Most of the shops around here are either strictly collision repair or seem to specialize in the higher dollar restorations...any recommendations would be appreciated. thanks, Ean
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