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  1. csw6157

    L28ET 2 grove balancer needed

    I am in need of an L28ET 2 groove balancer, or at least a good center hub from one, mine has split along the keyway please email me at CharlieWiseman79@gmail.com, thank you
  2. csw6157

    MAS street flares

    I am looking for a set of MAS street flares, I have been looking for these off and on for years and just missed a set that sold this spring, if someone has a set to sell, or is willing to pull a mold from a set I would love to hear from you, csw6157
  3. csw6157

    intercooler,5lug,s13 coilovers, DGV

    I have questions about the 300 5 lug rotors,email me at charlie.wiseman@bnsf.com
  4. can you please email me a copy, my address is charlieandleslie@hotmail.com Thanks
  5. csw6157

    WTB JWT chip

    WTB JWT chip for 90 - 94 infiniti M30 computer for use with cobra MAF, Mercedes 420cc injectors, for me 83 zx turbo setup nine 7 0 222 one 8 one 9 Charlie
  6. csw6157

    R200 clutch LSD

    I am interested in this package, please email me, charlie.wiseman@bnsf.com
  7. csw6157

    R200 clutch LSD