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  1. There is an add-on for Firefox users called MeeTimer. It keeps track of all the time that you spend online and files the website under different categories (ex. procrastination). It is supposed to help, but has not helped me any haha
  2. ok so i was in school today and some guy i dont even now says hi and he was like hey do you still drive your little datsun? so i replied not at the moment.(my 280zx is in the body shop getting rid of dings and a new paint job!) and he says "well thats a shame its a cute car....." well i found that kinda....you know.....*cough gay cough* anyway my question is has anybody (particularly guys) ever called your car cute??? i dont know i just found this weird...
  3. hello everyone!... well i have a 1983 280zx that i am trying to fix up and the front end is in bad shape.... i was wondering if i were to go to a junkyard and get some parts like the hood, light holders, panels etc.... would it matter what year it came from? would 79 parts fit on the 83? thanks for your help!
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