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  1. I got my '84 Z31-powered '88 Pathfinder up and running, and it runs like a raped ape except when cold and at idle. If I plug in the TPS (I've tried 4 others), it will idle smoothly but not rev above 2500. If I unplug it, it idles like ass at around 4-500 and sputters and pops and blows clouds of black smoke out the tail pipe but revs freely and responsively when warmed up, as well as the black soot clearing up once it's revved. From my understanding, pins 18 and 25 at the computer are for the TPS sensor, yet the wiring diagram I have labels it as the "throttle valve switch" and only measures i
  2. Well, some background info first. I'm a new member here, my name is James and I'm 18 years young. I've always loved working on anything related to cars, and have a love for Pathfinders. I bought my '88 last August after being rear-ended at 50 from a dead stop in my old '87. I've really enjoyed this truck, but as soon as I changed the oil I knew there was going to be problems soon. It came out as black sludge, I was pretty pissed. The motor lasted me from 177K to 194K, which is a pretty good amount of mileage in less than a year. I spun a rod bearing on the stock motor, and swapped in a motor f
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