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  1. Ok, sorry, but you guys are both wrong. AN stands for Army Navy. The line number is represented in 16ths of an inch of the inner diameter. In other words, the inner diameter of a 3AN line is 3/16ths = 0.1875 inches. Bottom line, do I need to be using 0.06 inch inner diameter line with the stock turbo? That would be roughly 1AN...
  2. With the -3AN line I mentioned above, my impression was that a restrictor wasn't necessary...?
  3. I just used stock felpro like you. Did you use a different brand when you got the ford seals, or were those also felpro?
  4. I've been reading topics on this for the last week. I keep uncovering one more little bit of evidence at a time, but I'm really not sure what to pin this problem on. Setup: -Freshly rebuilt L28ET (approx 500 miles) -Stock turbo -Intercooler -Oil cooler -Ignition and fuel running on SMS (side note: if anyone has maps I can look at for similar setups, I'd love to see them!) -PCV on the valve cover is open to atmosphere, crank vent is connected to stock vacuum port on intake manifold -3AN oil pressure line to turbo (thus I've ruled out a restrictor issue). Stock drain tube from turbo to pan. -Stock injectors Problem: I'm getting lots of gray smoke out of the exhaust. Smoke is minimal to non-existant while everything is cool. After it warms up, the smoke is constant. It does not change with acceleration or deceleration. -No oil in the coolant -No oil in the intercooler pipes -Turbo appears to have minimal play, though I understand that is a subjective test. -There IS oil on the plugs. -All of the gaskets, rings, etc are brand new due to the rebuild. -There is no blue tint to the smoke, it's just gray -I tried applying vacuum to the valve cover pcv, but nothing changed... Ideas? Thanks guys!!!
  5. I paid 70 for the left side of a used one a couple years ago.
  6. Well, I appreciate it but it's just too far
  7. Yeah, it is kinda far. Anybody else around here?
  8. Hey guys, I'm living in the Florida panhandle and I'm looking for a Datsun/Z mechanic to help me finish my 280z engine swap. The military has me working so much right now, I have zero time. Normally I would just say I'll finish it later, but I need to get it finished before I get transferred to my new duty station (soon). I'm willing to take it to Alabama or Georgia to get it done. Let me know if you guys have any ideas. Thanks!
  9. Nevermind. Got it! Lock this! Haha, thanks again.
  10. But P79 and P90 valves are all the same, right?
  11. Oh, shoot. I guess you're right. Yeah, thanks for the help. Mods can lock this if they want.
  12. Hey just real quick...these guys are trying to tell me this won't fit in my P90 head. I'm pretty sure it will, right? http://www.carpartsdiscount.com/auto/parts/80/nissan/280zx/valves/osvat_intake_valve.html?3593=65358 Thanks!
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