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  1. that is pretty much exactly how i want mine to look..SO mean looking
  2. well..i was goign to drop a 360 in my 280, but a friend at work is going to give me a 318 motor..so ive been waiting to get that to mock up for motor mounts..been about a month now... But now i just remember my dad has had a blown(dead) 360 just sitting up at his house...now after a couple months of waiting to pull the original 360 to get it fitted i just now remember the blown motor... SOO i could have had mounts and had it fitted...a month wasted... i feel like a donkey.... needless to say i will have mounts in the next couple weeks ..with pictures..pictures..picture
  3. yea, whatever...wanna race my daily driver? heres what i got..2001 cavy...2.2..auto with a stock s2000 intake custom fitted..CUSTOM..top that!...oh and i have 168k on the clock... Bring it..BRING IT!! no worries..give me all the crap you can..it keeps me building my project...that way im not just another person asking questions and doing nothing.... and i learned something...i didnt know you COULDNT put a big block crank in a small block..but i now have learnded...thank you guys. there really should be a mopar section..maybe after my swap is done they will put one
  4. well if it was then good.....but i couldnt tell...i already talked to him about what crank it is..its not a 440.
  5. honestly, do you really need to make yourself look like a jackass on my post? oh wait, people cant make mistakes with what they say...i forgot...
  6. ill definately get MORE than what im payin for
  7. none taken,....but i know hes good...he has a 1300 hp sprint car, a 900hp 57 chevy truck, tubbed...he may have just been mistaken
  8. well i guess ill have t ohave a chat with him? either way..its a free and clean motor
  9. zspeed280


    ♥♥♥♥ it..people are stupid where ever you go..
  10. i know about the manifolds and all that good stuff..i can fabricate that stuff myself. have access to materials and the welders and a few people with some skills. i was going a small turbo and run 4-6 psi..that way i wont have to do the aftermarket fuel stuff...
  11. what are the advantages/disadvantages to an internal/external wastegate? I understand turbo flow but i still have a lot to learn about turbos.
  12. zspeed280


    this isnt z related but i figured you guys were the ones to come to heres the scoop: Ive talked my step dad into dropping a junkyard turbo kit on his 3.9 dakota 2002. i was curious what turbo would be a good turbo to go? it will be off of an older car 300zx, turbo II , eclipse, volvo..which turbo would be good for mild lag? hes not looking for a lot of horsepower just maybe up to 50 gain with low boost Dont want to mess with the ecu, or fuel right yet We work at a welding shops so material and fab help is no problem. im tryin to start the build for him at jus
  13. iwas thinkin about it today... that color combo with a tan interior would be just awesome. Some tan leather seats maybe out of an s2000 would look really nice IMHO.. myabe i will go this route when it comes time..who knows. David
  14. has anyone seen an s30 with a bre style rear spoiler and bre front lip spoiler.....some zgs with watanabe rims?? the colors would be this: Pearl white car, car colored zgs with the gold bronze color rims with a chrome/polished aluminum lip...Wouldnt that be a real classy color combo? David
  15. SO, some have used the subaru rack to get power steering..from what i have read the rack is the same as the one used in the s30..NOW, why hasnt anyone taken the whole front end of a subaru, from hub to strut and just mounted that sucker in? i know that the tower mounts are different, but wouldnt the fab work be worth while in the end? 1. You have a hybrid 2. you get to use other brand coilovers like tien 3. of course you get the power steering please feel free to fill in more positives and negatives.. anyone care to elaborate on this?? please? BUT like some will
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