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  1. Hey guys, I have had megasquirt 2 for about 4 years now and almost done with installation on my l28et(haha, it's about time); however, being that I am not too knowledgable when it comes to cars, I have opted to pay someone to help me the installation and configure ms. I wasn't sure if I was to put this in the classifieds or not. Regardless, I'm in san fernando valley and would be willing to pay someone to spend a day with me finishing up the install and getting the car started.
  2. thanks a lot moby and everyone who responded. The wiring is finished and I am waiting for the bip373 mod kit.
  3. got the wiring all finished and installing the bip373 this weekend when I get a chance...
  4. i ordered the bip373 so i will be using the ignition circuit in ms2 for controlling spark. I have posted many times but i always get answer that deviates away from the question i ask and usually end up changing my setup and putting myself back into a problem. I am confused as to where the resistor goes and it's purpose in the schematic. I guess ill be going off of the write up listed here http://www.diyautotune.com/tech_articles/how_to_megasquirt_your_280zx_turbo.htm
  5. thanks moby, I hoped you would chime in...the resistor portion of your install has me confused as well, can you clairfy the purpose of the resistor and where it goes?
  6. Can anyone help me with my MS2 install onto an 83 l28et with a CAS? I have the Ms2 3.57 and I'm using a relay board, 440cc ford injectors and was planning to use the GM HEI 7 pin ignition module. I can provide lunch and I would only need about an hour of help from someone who really understands megasquirt so that they can point me in the right direction. the majority of wiring is done but I just cannot get a clear understanding of what I am doing after much research.
  7. I thought the stock vb ignition driver is not reliable enough to run a coil directly. Don't we need to swap in the bip 373? At that, I dont feel comfortable soldering the bip373 in, but if I have to, I will. Why can I not use the 7 pin module? Matt Cramer, how come you are saying the 7pin hei is not compatible with the CAS? it was used in the install that NewZed linked in the post before yours
  8. could you please elaborate, im really bad with this stuff. why do you not recommend the 7pin hei module. I know that the 4pin hei module is used in mobythevans's install which was what i was originally following but the megamanual suggested the use other module as the 7 pin controls spark as well and is more reliable. can you clear up the resistor confusion as well, what is the purpose of the resistor and where does it go?
  9. So, I've had my Z for 5 years now and tried installing megasquirt 2 times now with failed results both times. I'm not really knowledgable as far as electronics go but have gotten myself into an unfortunate situation which I cannot solve and now i have no car to drive. I've started to wire the car up again and am now using the MS2 3.57 ecu. I will be using the stock 83 l28et motor and distributor with the stock CAS running to a gm hei 7 pin module. I am now extremely confused as to what goes where as reading the megamanual has only confused me further. I will be using the relay board, but it seems like I need an extra relay from which I will connect the B terminal on the hei module to receive the TPS5V signal from the relay board?? can someone clarify the purpose of this...am I running this for the sole purpose of a 5v source for the hei module? As far as the 1/4 watt 1k resistors I need to add, I have no idea where they go in my application nor their purpose...any help is appreciated?
  10. any update on this? I would love to buy this kit and save myself the trouble of not knowing what i'm doing lol
  11. isn't a fuel cell made to solve fuel starvation issues? isn't venting the cell supposed to make it easier for the pump can siphon gas from the cell? I understand your point on fuel starvation on a steep hill; however, that is assuming a steep incline, what about a steep decline fuel issue in the state that the cell is now(bulkhead facing out) ? If I can, I would like to just keep this cell and mount it backwards so it looks like a gas tank, I am running out of funds, for now I have posted an ad for a new cell to weigh my options.
  12. the car will be a daily driver now as i have changed the purpose of the vehicle; so the cell will just be used as a gas tank. the spare tire well was cut out of the trunk to install the cell originally so now there is a hole in the trunk. if space permits, can I mount the cell backwards so that the bulkhead fittings are facing the differential?
  13. i have a fuel cell, model #Summit SUM-290104. you can see it at http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-290104/?image=large i had someone install the cell into my 260 a long while back, but I'm changing some body parts and the car is still not driveable. the cell is mounted with the bulkhead fittings and fuel lines visible from the rear of the car and the cell hangs below the rollpan, it is mounted witht the straps sold by summit. I was wondering if I could mount the cell the other way around so that the fittings are not visible and so that the fuel lines cannot be tampered with. Is there any reason as far as functionality that this cannot be done? anyone with experience please chime in.
  14. does anyone have a picture of the classic rear lip installed on their z with some good pics. The model I am inquiring about it the model that has been installed on Bartman's car but I want a picture that I can see close up or from a different angle. I would also like to know how extensive the installation is.
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