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  1. ur kidding me right!!!!!!!!! pretty much 9 out of 10 iron blocks DO have sleeves ,i think your are thinking of Aluminum block that dont have liners and use a specail coating. but as my block it does have liners
  2. Hi all..Just wondering if any one has re-sleeved the stock vg30e block to go bigger.Yes i know there are VG33 blocks but cant find any in my area.Thinking that i can sleeve the block and maybe get a 91 to 93 mm bore with custom pistons.What do u guys think?
  3. Ok so back to the Question which 1 of those two should i go for?
  4. Afew other engines r listed like this 1990 BMW 5.0 V12..A Ford 1990 V8 and a Chevy 1988 4.3 V6 Sorry Y2D i dont want to be burnt so i wont say
  5. Hey all. I am alittle stuck on what engine i should use for the best bang for the buck.So to start it off the first engine i am thinking is a VG30E and build it up to twin turbo.The second choice is a SR20DE and turbo it.I do have both engines sitting in the corner off my garage as well a few other engines i wont say...
  6. What other F.I systems were u thinking about getting besides Tec3??
  7. Hi all. Just a few things here about EFI. Now i am more in the machine and welding field so efi is not my cup of tea.My project is adding a VG30 mated to a audi 016 trans for my kitcar.My engine build parts r pretty much filed (thx to some people here that gave web sites).As well a custum intake a friend here is cutting and welding up Alum. What Aftermarket EFI do u guys use? Cost does have a little factor in it.but something that is friendly-user.It has to be Twin turbo apliable. I read a site on the net called SDSEFI.Com and their system em4e looks pretty good..What do u guys think?
  8. Eh all..i am not asking how much i can bore it out.. Now L.A Sleeves have a pretty much drop in liner that has a 93mm bore for the vg30e.I love my block and there is no VG33E around my area..so i have to make do.. My question is this if they have a 93.5mm bore do u think i can get a 95mm bore in???
  9. Ok about year ago i mated a BMW V12 to thm 325 trans in the back of a fiero.i wanted it to look right,,running it long ways like a ferrari,,(the fiero has its combo transversed side to side).The Bmw cost way to much for what hp it would make..so i did some more research and came up using a 300zx N/A engine.With this engine i can twin turbo with no problems with space.Yes the thm325 is a little outdated but it can handle around 600hp and it would look gr8 when i lift the engine hood and there sits a TT v6 running longitudinal
  10. Ok why do i need that..simply i am bolting that block to a GM THM-325 transmission..now the the trans is automatic and the engine is standard..and now i am having a very time time just finding a flexplate for this engine
  11. Eh all..first off,,can some tell me what the measurement from the flexplate bolt holes(where it bolts to the torque convertor) to the bell housing flange..i need to know how thick to make the adaptor plate..
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