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  1. No. Had bought one, sold it. Now looking for another.
  2. mono

    WTB: 250GTO

    Thanks... but... another over-priced dealer car... IAG Motors, Florida wants $44,900 (website). I don't think so. It's been on eBay several times already.
  3. I'm back in the hunt for a 250 GTO. I've placed a "wanted ad" on the forum, but thought I would give a shout here as well. Still looking for a McBurnie or Scorpion GTZ conversion. Ideally it would be a complete, running, rust-free example. Prefer manual trans. V8 okay if done right. Any info, leads, discussions welcomed. Thanks
  4. mono

    WTB: 250GTO

    Wanting to buy: quality built 250 GTO replica on 240-280Z donor. Must be complete, running, no rust example. Prefer McBurnie or Scorpion GTZ. Not looking for a project or high-priced dealer cars. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  5. Very cool, Fauxre!!! I noticed you've been on one of the "Hot Rod" forums recently as well. Keep up the great build!!!
  6. "Bueller?... Bueller????.....
  7. Wanting to buy a Scorpion GTZ (250 GTO replica). Serious cash buyer for the right car. Please PM questions, details, any info, pics.
  8. Thanks for the tip chelle. I'm in the process of "tweeking" a Simpson GTO dash from John Washington. Using your old posts as a guide. Is your car on ebay (3/1)? I thought it was sold last time.
  9. Thanks to all for your response! Very helpful.
  10. Will a '75 280Z heater control assembly work (plug n' play) in a '74 260Z? Only asking because it seems harder to find the 260Z unit compared to the 280Z. Not looking to do major surgery. Thanks
  11. 280Z A/C/Heater Controls available?
  12. Thanks BfO! Excellent pics of the process. What gauge aluminium did you use? I have read all the posts about fabbing your own, but was just hoping someone had a spare set they could sell.
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