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  1. Krug

    So I'm going to be making motor mounts for my buddy's z31 he's putting a 350sbc in it do u know the angle u cut on the tube

  2. Alf, I want to swap my 1988 300zx to a v/8 small block chevy. If you have any advice on that type of swap please advise. Thanks rick

  3. hello Alf, my name is hunter. I am looking to swap a v8 into my 86 N/A or possibly and ls1 if you can't tell by my username. I was wondering if you still had the dimensions for the mounts for the engine and stuff.

  4. Update # 21 3/18/09 Well it has officially been a year since my last update. I'm sure many of you think the car is either done or the project was abandoned, but neither are true. I'm still working on the hot rod and it's coming along nicely, but very slowly. I have a problem setting a certain goal, I constantly get side tracked and overwhelmed by the project. I have finally deceded that my goal is to make this car as close as pissible to early dry lakes racing roadsters of the late 30's and early 40's. The final product is visable and with any luck the car will be completed over th
  5. As far as I know they mount exactly the same. Just use engine mounts from a first generation Camaro.

  6. Hey Alf, I've been going through the post for the z31 V8 swap and it seems that you might be the best person to contact. I'm in the process of doing the swap on my 86. I'm going with a LT1 out of a 96 Camaro. I was wondering if the same frame mount setup that you used would work for me.





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