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  1. Interested in the Driver side fender. How much with shipping to Canada Toronto?

  2. Looking for driver side fender. I'm located in Toronto Canada. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
  3. Anyone can show me some lights?
  4. This is the type of pump I brought, Is the thread part side of the pump from the fuel tank??? Because the MSD I have look a bit different. Please let me know.
  5. Thanks for the advise dwarlick. I brought a jaguar bosch external pump, one part I'm not to sure is which side is the fuel tank hose. Let me attach a picture of the pump. I'll look into the fuel pressure guage also. I don't think is too hard to install it correct??
  6. I just brought a Bosch pump. How do I check how many amp of fuse to put with the pump?? if I put the fuel pressure guage. Around what degree is the normal pressure ??
  7. Thanks I'll check it out tonight. Most likely I'll get another pump. incase there is no fuse. What amp of fuse should it be??
  8. I have a feeling is the fuel pump. It's the MSD 2225. I believe it was changed probably 2.5-3 years ago. Yes it's wired with relay, but the that hot wire for the fuel pump does underneath the car (the guy who did the swap, put this hot wire underneath, which it needs to be re-wired). Do you think that will be a problem of the wiring?
  9. I have a question about my Nissan rb25det. It starts good when the engine is cold. But when the engine is hot. It cranks but won't start. Here is what I've done so far. -I have changed all my spark plugs.still no help. -When my engine is cold, I turn my key I can hear the pump is on (because there is a noise from the fuel pump)even I switch my fan on to level 3 I can still hear the noise from the pump. -When hot engine, car is off. I've tried to turn my car on. I can hear the pump if my fan is off or in level 1. If I turn my fan on to level 3 and then turn on my car, then I cannot hear the pump. I have to turn the fan off and then try to crank my car. But still it won't start when engine is hot. - Put starting fluid in to intake manifold. success. it starts when Hot!!. But if I turn off the engine and try again. It won't. I have to put starting fluid again. I don't want to try too many times with this starting fluid. Because it's harmful to my engine. My conclusion is the fuel pump might be bad, fuel filter maybe?. Any other method to do more diagnosis. I really want to fix this part, and I fixed all mechanical of the ride. Please let me know, if there are any solution. Would be much appreciated.
  10. Thanks Vandergriff for answering. I have fixed the problem. Major problem is the MAF. It was broken, I've changed and car boom idles normal. Now I have another problem will post on other thread.
  11. Djz: yes it is the after market intake manidols. The throttle body is stock.
  12. Thanks for reply. I have purchased NDS1 to do diagnostic. It works fine when it's freeware, meaning I can use the program when I turn on my car, even start up my car. BUT after I purchased (activated the program), It works when I turn on my car, but not start up my car. Anyone knows what's going on??
  13. There are some connections near the throttle body that I don't know where they should be connected to. Can someone identify them and tell me where they needs to be connected. Much appreciated. PIC 1: There are 3 hoses at the throttle body, I know 2 are coolant bypass, I blocked them off, and there is another long narrow hose shown in picture. Can anyone show me where it should go?? PIC2: A plug that is not connected. PIC3: Another plug? PIC 4: Plug again? I don't know where it should go. Please help!!
  14. I will try to order that. Thanks for the info bud.
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