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  1. Super late update. Got everything out, swapped the steering column over, all the new bushings up front are in. The one motor mount fought me for a while but I got it. The kid helped me install the new TTT TC rods and jacked the crossmember into place for me. She really digs helping with the car for 15-20 minutes at a time. Hahaha. New clutch and lighter flywheel are on, motor is in, harness should be good. Im having issues starting it without starter fluid and it dies after that runs out. Injectors are all spraying, I even tried with a brand new fuel pump fed from a can, still no luck. Gonna pull the rail and put my Pallnet rail on so I have a gauge. Just need to find time after the addition of a second child. I'll get there though. And that's how she's been sitting for a few months now. Won't start on her own, won't keep running without starter fluid. Still have a few things to try and troubleshoot, but I'll get there eventually. I can't wait to get it back on the road.
  2. I just realized I never added any puctures with my BRE spoiler. Turbo swap update, just waiting on garage time to finish up.
  3. Update time. I traded the JTR SBC mounts I bought a few years ago for an l28et. Doing a manual steering rack swap from the 79 parts car at the same time. I couldn't find anything solid, so I took the chance and ordered 78 poly bushings for the steering rack and they do fit. Im going to do the front control arm bushings and tc rod bushings while I've got everything apart. I also ordered the solid steering coupler from T3, so im really looking forward to the improved steering feel. I got my car stripped down and ready to be pulled to the other side if the garage to pull the motor tomorrow. So, hopefully everything continues to go relatively smooth.
  4. So, little update from my last post. I did get the bumpers painted and back on. I also got a 79 slick top parts car and I'll be swapping the manual window doors over to my car before the next paint job. I picked up these legit fender mirrors from DATSMO and put them on this past weekend. I also picked up this Nardi wheel and custom shift knob from Nostalgic Grains. The parts car came with some electric fans and a Palnet fuel rail, so that's on mine now. I got a bolt kit from ZSpec and installed my newly powder coated valve cover. I'll leave you with a couple cool shots I got before I put the fender mirrors on.
  5. Forgot to include a back shot in the previous post.
  6. Finally got her out of the garage. Got the door cards back in and decided to mix it up a bit. Bad news is, while I was driving around the other night it suddenly stalled out on me... Luckily I was close to home, but I was able to get it started again and it only acted up a couple more times on the short drive. Some type of fuel issue. I'm going to start with replacing the filter, someone mentioned a sensor that notoriously shakes lose on the engine that I'm going to check, then hopefully not replacing the fuel pump. I really hope it doesn't go that far...
  7. No, just smoothed out the paint/primer job form last time and sprayed over it. I didn't have time for all that and i just wanted something fun to do. Turned out pretty nice though. I can't wait to drive it again.
  8. No on the v8 stuff. I have all the mounts and headers still, just don't have the space or Money for a swap yet. I got bored and did a thing though. Money is tight, but I needed to do something to have fun.
  9. For some reason this picture was uploading as flipped. In my last post.
  10. Went to my first car show last weekend. Carlisle import show / East Coast Z Nationals. Its funny how small my car looks between these two amazing s30's Side note: I painted my valve cover a while ago and finally put it on. Here's a couple random pictures I took before the show.
  11. Getting parts together for a v8 swap. So far I have the jtr mounts and headers. Slowly but surely.
  12. Ok, so horrible experience with atara racing wheels. I have never received a brand new product with so many defects in my life. However, the guy Eugene, the main man state side for the company, made sure that everything was taken care of at no cost to me and all is well now. That being said, I now have everything mounted on the car. Pictures will be up asap and I am very happy with the fit. As for specs: up front is the 15x9-13 wheel with 205/50/15 Yokohama S drive tires. I am also still running my 25mm wheel spacers and have about a fingers worth of space between my coilover spring and the wheel. In the back are 15x10.5 -32 wheels, no spacers needed, 205/50/15 toyo extensa all season tires. After having everything installed, I have decided that.next time I need tires I will go one, maybe two sizes wider in the rear. Not only was it difficult to get the 205 to bead on the 10.5" wide wheel, but I now have some gap in the rear. I'm happy with it for now, but know what to change next time. I will try to get pictures up asap of the new wheels and how they look. I will also say this, for anyone that plans on ordering from atara, if you go staggared like I did be orepaired to have to deal with a couple issues. First, the paint was no where close between the front and rear wheels and that had to be taken care of. Also, the 9" wide and 10.5" wide wheels are a different center bore. Why? I have no idea... The front center caps are way larger than the rears... I was able to get them to send me an extra pair of fronts and was able to 3m tape them to the rear center caps for a uniform look. Pictures will follow as soon as I have the time for upload.
  13. Just ordered my tires, waiting on replies from the vendor and ordering the atara pisang wheels. Decided to go with the bronze finish. Can't wait to get them. Staggered set of 15x9 -13 fronts and 15x10.5 -32 rears. Pictures up as soon as I get everything worked out. If my calculations are right I should be good with 1/4" spacers to clear my front coils. Decided to go with 205/50/15 all the way around, similar to what purepontiackid is running. I will have a tad more stretch all the way around but I'm hoping it will work out ok.
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