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  1. i just moved to philadelphia from maine, is there any zcar clubs or car guys around here?
  2. thats what i was thinking, just was not sure if the parts would interchange form a (non world class) to a worls class transmission.
  3. it's been a long time, since i have been on... my 86 300z has been sitting since 02!! i have been gathering parts! i have several t5 transmission's, 2 world calss t5's! what are you guys using for tail shafts? so that the shifter is is the correct location? i also have 2 GM 6.0L truck engines, with full harness 364 ci! i'm thinking one of these should give the ol' Z car some power she will need to roast a vette? anyone ever done such a swap? this is going to be a long term project! probably will not be done over the winter.. any info is greatly appreciated!
  4. where would i find a wiring harness kit, so i can put a 01 or 02 6.0L gm engine in to my z?
  5. from what i gather they share the same bolt pattern as a 2.9L v6 chevy, i'm assuming the bell housing from a s10 or camaro would work to convert to rear wheel drive. i think i read somewhere that some people use the 700r4 from camaros and s10's if you prefer an automatic. i'm only considering it because i have it, but like you guys are saying....is it cost effective?.....well that depends how cheap i can get what i need? although i do see what is available for aftermarket parts. are not cheap.
  6. i bought a 02 caddy with a northstar v8...i think it's a 4.6L..i havn't checked. i bought the car for scrap, the engine runs well. i have done a little research, i see there are kits made for fiero's and some people swap them out to other front wheel drive cars. anyone have experience with these? i'm only considering it because i have it. any info is greatly appreciated!
  7. i didn't realize i had responses here. all the info is good to know. the car is rusted out. if it was worth fixing i would probably do that instead. i did just buy a 02 cadillac with a northstar v8. i think it's a 4.6L?? i bought the car for scrap. but the engine runs well. given that the SVO, has a good complete drivetrain, it has a performance cam in it and has has head work done. also it's already rear wheel drive! it may be the better swap. the guy wants $600 for it, it's out behind his garage, so i doubt it's been sold on me. lol it's been there for a few years.
  8. i have been toying with the idea for year about puttin a 302 in to my 86 3z1. i'm naturally a chevy guy but i think the 302 would fit better. yesterday a friend of mine offered me a complete 84 ford svo 2.3L head has been re work with mild cam, but has nto been run in a few years. the car needs alot of help from sitting. whats do you guys think of a 2.3L svo swap in to my z31? he wants 600 for the whole car. i was thinking of keeping the drive train. and maybe i could get my money back from the parts??
  9. does any one know of a company that widens wheels?
  10. does the holset wh1c share the same flange size as the t3 or t4?
  11. sweet the more info the better! does it matter if it's diesel? i been thinking of intalling a HX40 truck with a set of 370 injectors.
  12. no particular engine. i was just looking for the info. the question came to mind. figured here would be the best place to ask.
  13. any one have the calculations to find out what size turbo should be used? pretty much looking for a good write up if any one has one?
  14. i have only seen one SBC up close.. it was a really poor conversion. i dunno how the exhaust was routed? the air filter was right up through the hood. figured that could be solved with a cowl. do you have any pics of your swap?
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