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  1. Sorry, everyone I need it for a 77 280z..
  2. Looking for chrome/ stainless trim around window on passager door. need to have it shipped to 84302 area code anyone??
  3. This is my 77' white 280. Took me a couple years to finally get it together. I went with the whitest white I could find in the paint shop. The dates are not correct, Camera not setup correct....lol
  4. I'm looking for custom Bracket that holds Gauges under the Glove box. There is a small strip that has 2 mount screws, that I want to use that area for my smaller gauges. I saw 1 at the MSA show but never got the info on where to get it at. If anyone has info or pictures of one I would be intrested in purchasing or have one made for it. Thx
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