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  1. Thanks for the replys, guys. The lip in front of the exhaust holes seemed to work. I string tested the right side without the lip and the left side with it. The side without the lip had strings moving in and out of the vent holes, the side with lip always flowed air out of the holes. Just about anything on the upper surface of a wing will decrease lift, I like the idea of the "safety" third brake light. The nose is my biggest problem, and I'm planning a complete refab with ideas gleened from the air tunnel data. Once my vintage legal Spook spoiler mod is complete, I'll do another round of testing.
  2. I wish I would have come across these threads some time ago. I have been string testing my mods at the track for awhile, some have worked, some haven't. I have to stay vintage legal, so mods must be "subtle". Vertical rails trimmed for aero drag, but horiz ones left for aero stab; front/rear windshield "support tabs" with just a "little" left over; underhood air evac vents with tab (tested very well); frontal area reduction grill with rad support/hood blockers; passenger side plexi with NACA; NASCAR style airbox. More to come...
  3. Sunset at Phoenix Int'l Raceway
  4. troyt

    Big SU's?

    Here is an example of a setup that works - http://classifieds.hybridz.org/showproduct.php?product=3887&cat=17
  5. Is this the wrong forum for this type of question? Troy
  6. I'm finally starting my initial racemotor mockup. I'm pretty tight on the exhaust valve to cylinder wall clearance, even after eyebrowing. I'm under 1/32" clearance, about .025, at max valve lift. Here's the numbers I've got: an early E88 head, milled .030, using .025 cam tower shims, intake and exhaust valves at 44mm and 35mm, L24 block at .040 over, .535 lift in/exh cam, comp head gasket measuring .056 before crush and assuming .047 after. Cylinder eyebrowing can't go any deeper and keep enough room above the top piston ring land. Wider eyebrowing is not an issue, depth is. Current eyebrowing has already dropped CR from 12:1 to 11.7:1. Exh valve clearance at rocker/cam set at .010, intake at .008. Questions - Has anyone gone this tight on a valve-to-cylinder wall clearance before? If so, what was the outcome? How much can you decrease exh valve clearance at the rocker/cam before you run into problems? How does a manufacturer regrind a new cam to take a little lift off? (Isky L1) I'd prefer not to use a thicker gasket and loose more CR. Some options are a little less cam (down to .510 or so), another set of pistons with a lower top ring (more $$ and less CR), or ??? In retrospect I would have stayed with the stock exhaust valve, but now that I've finally got the cylinder head the way I want it, and I don't want to re-do it. Thanks, Troy
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