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  1. not to sure if i like those gauges sticking out of the hood but looks good other then that! you ever gonna match paint on that hood?
  2. i saw your car on youtube just the other week, hot 5h17 man!
  3. yup! I'm one of them! haha I lost a cover for my steering wheel adapter just today haha normally I'm pretty organized when it comes to the garage but after moving twice with everything half taken apart I guess its bound to happen *shrug*
  4. sweet, thanks! ill have a look at those part numbers. as far as drilling a hole goes, i have NO idea where the timing cover as ive moved twice since i started this project and it seems to have disappeared. the though did cross my mind though lol
  5. here's the deal. i have an 87 nissan 200sx. the 302 and trans is mounted. i have limited space. i had a 95 GT for a parts car but with a bad motor. i bought a long block for an 88 GT. so here's my parts list: 88 gt stang long block front sump oil pan front sump timing chain cover edlebrock 4bbl intake mani mac shorty headers 95 gt stang accessories + brackets 95 gt stang crank pulley now, you might already know the water pump is NOT compatable with the front sump timing chain cover. the only water pumps i could find have hella long shafts and wont work. my question is this, what water pump will bolt onto a front sump timing chain cover but give me a low rise (which is key as i have limited space) that will work w/my 95 GT stang accessories and crank pulley? thanks in advance
  6. those summit ones will more or less dump out on my crossmember...but those other ones might work. any idea on how much those cost?
  7. welcome aboard bro!! im doing the same swap in my s12/200sx. most people arent to keen on it cuzz its not an overpriced and trendy SR or RB but whatever, i didnt decide to do it because its a trendy swap. for the price of a dodgy 400hp sr/rb you can have a reliable 400hp that will pull good numbers all day long and still have some coin in your pocket for the pub! at any rate...what did you do about the drivers side header/manifold as that is my present situation with my swap. i have both an s13 and s12 (have had numerous of each actually) and they are more of less identical under the hood as far as space and location of parts goes..
  8. near 4 hrs of cutting, welding and cleaning etc = a header that still doesn't work. dammit lol I moved the one runner and it turns out the stupid flange is still hitting the linkage. ugh. I hate not having a 240V hookup in the garage where the car is. anyways, I think at this point I'm gonna flip these puppies around so they're pointed forwards and down and run them over and under the crossmember. I had a look at it last night and it looks like it will work great minus having to relocate the oil filter which is not a big deal. I CAN make a custom header to squeeze thru this small passage by the linkage but god it it close and it looks to be a major PITA getting it right with my welder in another shop some 20 miles away. also its going to be REAL close to the linkage and I'm afraid of it heating up that rubber deal inside as well as the firewall. ill try and get some pics of this by the weekend. but has anyone tried what I'm saying as far as running it forward then under? I honestly don't see the problem. only other option I see aside from just a restrictive manifold are stacks.....sadly I don't have a mullet or handle bar mustache ha ha
  9. hmm..that might work. its the 2nd runner (drivers side) that im concerned about though. i more or less need it to look like the passenger side one to clear.
  10. thats what i have right now, mac shorty for stock foxbody replacement. still no go. ive been wandering around the yard twice though the past month and havent found jack. all i see are 4.6's, 5.0 fox bodies (which wont work), v6's and 4 cyl's. i dont think anything will have a header like what i posted below and from what i can tell online (been looking on ebay among others) the only other option is a stock manfold and id rather pass on that.. oh well, ill just modify this to work, no worries
  11. yea, I know. I already have a set but the one runner hits the linkage. I was realy sorta hoping someone would know of some for the 302 that look like the ones I posted. I guess ill just have to modify what I have *shrug*
  12. you know..the more I think about it it'll probably be easier and more cost effective to modify my mac shorty headers to fit. its really just that first/longest runner that's the prob (cyl1) as it hits the linkage. the others appear to be ok. they also put the flange in the perfect location for a foxbody H-pipe. I think the fires cleared enough for the roads to open to my buddies shop so I can use his tube bender..ill have to call him. as far as welding goes, I'm a good welder. hell, I made the custom mounts for the motor and trans.. I guess I as sorta hoping someone knew of a header like those ones I just posted pics of.
  13. yea, neither of those would work. id need something like this or this as its a very snug fit. sadly though, those are for a 4.6. i might go over to the autozone today though and have a gander at some exhaust manifolds and see if they holes (not bolt holes) are even in teh ball park and if they are then ill buy a set of these and a 5.0 flange. somehow i doubt it thought and think ill end up modifying my short header. thats actually probably what ill do as it fits in tehre perfectly and will make it so i can still use a 5.0 h-pipe
  14. do you have a link with a picture of these headers?
  15. I stand a better chance of having a three way with my wife and her smokin hot sister then finding a RHD rack for this car lol ill have a look at the wreckers though this next weekend.
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