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  1. The part number for the 240z Pertronix unit that I see listed on line specifies single point distributor only. I don't see a listing for the dual point unit. Find a junk yard single point distributor and put the Pertronix in it. BTW Leave the wire that went to the secondary points disconnected -- it was only there to retard timing for emission purposes, not for higher performance.
  2. I put some 300zx seats in my 82zxt. They were definitely not a bolt-in fit. Passenger side was easy -- drilled a couple of new holes and bolted the 280zx rails to the 300zx seat, then it fit nicely. Couldn't do the same to the driver's seat because of the seat height adjustment mechanism. Ended up using the 300zx rails, drilling new holes, bending the rear of the left rail, and using a spacer under the rear of the right rail, if I remember correctly. The driver's seat mounted a little higher than the original seat, not too bad, but a bit too close to the bottom of the steering wheel. Later on, I installed a smaller steering wheel, and now I like the seat position. Bill in San Diego
  3. willembop

    u joint removal

    You can use a big vice to press them out, using appropriately sized chunk of pipe (or socket wrenches). It can be pretty difficult to do, and if I hadn't seen it done, I'm not sure I would have tried. You have to press one side inward to press out the cap on the other side to get the old ones out. Pressing the new ones in is pretty easy. Now I use a press I bought from Harbor Freight, which makes the job a bit easier: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=38335 Regards, Bill in San Diego
  4. I put one of the Black Dragon units in my 71 240z. It barely fits in the available space and you can't mount it at any angle where it can pull on the release lever effectively. I welded a tab to the release lever to provide a 90° lever position, and the release cable pulls on that tab -- hard to describe without seeing it. The pull strength was still marginal, and sometimes I had to press the hatch down a little bit to relieve pressure enough for the release to work. It stopped working after a couple of years, and I haven't opened it up to see why. More trouble than it was worth. Bill in San Diego
  5. The factory wiring diagram shows a chassis ground for the fuel pump. I've never worked on that particular fuel pump, but that usually means it grounds through the mounting bolts, but I supppose there could be a ground strap. Whatever, it grounds right at the pump. You could check it by attaching a jumper wire from the fuel pump body to the car chassis. If it's grounded, and 12v is being supplied by the relay, it should run. If not, it is bad.
  6. The total size of the FSM is 61 megabytes, which is more than most email systems will allow. It is composed of about 20 chapters, each an individual PDF file of 0.5 to 10 megabytes. I might be able to send a chapter or two at a time. Which topics are of the most interest?
  7. Rock Auto has these cheaper: 1982 NISSAN 280ZX 2.8L 2753cc L6 MFI Turbo © [L28ET] : Fuel/Air : Idle Air Control Valve Related PartsItemPriceCoreTotalSTANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # AC329 {IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE} $86.99 I just replaced the one on my 82zxt and it is working well.
  8. < http://www.bestcarparts.net/catalog/...232f485f1f8ec8>> Those look exactly like the APC seats I bought cheap off Ebay. I put them in my 71 240Z. However, they didn't fit very well -- I had to put spacers under each outside seat rail to tilt them inward so that the shoulder "wings" would clear the door. Also had to remove the inner back adjustment wheel to clear the transmission tunnel. Anyway, I thought they worked well enough that I would use them until I could afford something fancier. Several years later, they still work well enough that I have decided to leave them in. They are firm, but comfortable, even on fairly long drives. Bill in San Diego
  9. I have a set of those Supra wheels. They appear to have too much backspacing to fit my 71 240z. Do you need to use spacers with these wheels? Bill in San Diego
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