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  1. brown280z

    OBX Locking diff - poor fit with output shaft spline

    Thanks jthom5147! It looks like your measurements are very close to mine (+/-.003”). Assuming our splines are normal, that would mean my OBX spline is to blame ... I’ll try to contact OBX again but I am doubting I’ll get a response. Any ideas to fix?
  2. brown280z

    OBX Locking diff - poor fit with output shaft spline

    I am still debating how to handle this one. I attempted to contact OBX but have yet to receive a reply. In regards to my inner stubs, they fit great in the open carrier (no slop) but maybe they are worn. The 29 spline shaft has a outer diameter of 1.177”. Does anyone know what they should be? Thanks, Mike
  3. I installed an OBX locker in my R200 a few years ago and never really liked the spline engagement to the output shaft stubs. The shafts don’t appear to be worn (fit great in the OE carrier) but they have a fair amount of slop with the OBX unit (both rotation and side play). I was thinking this may be a good time to ditch the OBX but I have actually been pretty happy with the performance other than the clunky sounds when not loading the diff. How much slop are others seeing with their OBX? How bad of an idea would it be to use some Loctite 660 to fill the gap? Mike ’77 280Z - LS1/T56
  4. brown280z

    Coolant Circulation Bypass Line

    Thanks for the input on this topic. I do agree that leaving the bypass line is probably the right thing to do for overall engine warming predictability, but this is a project car that will never exceed 200hp (well, probably not)and will never be subjected to extreme environmental conditions. I guess I was just wondering if anyone has heard of or personally experienced a damaging effect by removing the bypass and just capping the ends. Mike
  5. Hello everyone, I am in the process of cleaning up my intake manifold and I was wondering what you guys are doing with the coolant circulation bypass line. I removed the thermal vacuum valve and ideally I want to remove the coolant line that bypasses my thermostat but I am worried about getting hot spots in my engine during warm up. I have searched through previous posts and have seen a few of you guys who just capped off the line and a few of you who warn against it. Has anyone actually cracked a block or caused any damage by removing this line? Thanks for the help! -Mike Car: '77 280z federal