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  1. Thanks for all your input, Mikelly where's a good place to buy vette parts? I was planning on tubbing the rear (vette rear with adjustable coil-overs) and vette front with a full cage front to rear.Im hoping this wont turn into another major project like my 55 Chev street/shoot-out car did.......YEAH RIGHT!! Another exercise in obssesion & frustration LOL!! Thanks for all your help guys, It helps to know theres other crazy muthas that are into building their dreams/Nightmares!! Pass the SAW!!
  2. Thanks for the responses. Is anyone going for the vette front suspension? I was really hoping to be able to narrow the tracking in the rear at least 3". I wanted to stay away from flares. Has anyone done a vette front to a 240? I found a complete front and rear vette suspension minus wheels of a 88 for $1500, Good/Bad?? Thanks, this is all new to me, Im a long time drag racer that wants to turn and stop LOL!!
  3. Thank you for the replies. Thanks Fastzcars for the link, it helped big time big time! Looks like im going to go for it, lots of fabbing, but im used to it. Hope its worth it in the end. Thanks
  4. Okay here it is, I did the SBC V-8 thing and love the power to weight. I have an idea to make a late model vette (94 or newer) drive train (front and rear) fit in my 240. I need serious help in deciding if this is a crazy idea or if it may work. Has anyone ever done this?? Thanks
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