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  1. If anyone has a z31 turbo wiring harness they are willing to let go please message me. Wanting to do the Z31 280zxt wiring swap for my l28et in my Z. Much appreciated, Tommy
  2. The only other option I thought about using was to run a trigger wheel on the crank and a vr/hall sensor. Is that what you meant? id love to go distributorless someday but this seems easier for now.
  3. That does help thanks! After looking at mine again its more obvious to me. Much appreciated
  4. What would the encoder look like? Is it like a computer board underneath the optical disk? And so if it has a disk with 360 slits in it then it is a 82 or 83 correct? well 82 since it has a p90 head....
  5. Long story short I picked up a l28et about a year ago, I could of sworn the guy I got the motor from said it was a 81, but heres the thing... It has NO CAS on the front pulley. When I went to pick the motor up the guy just got done taking it out of his car an hour or so before. The head says p90 and the distributor has a disk with 360 slits but the distributor itself is empty. If I remember correctly the 82 and up have optical triggers for a cas inthe distributor, but 81s didnt have this option. Ive done alot of searching on here and cant figure it out. I want to run MS2 and from what Ive read I need to have a 82 dizzy up setup with the proper oil shaft and pump. The other option would be to run a trigger off the crank. If someone can tell me what dizzy I may have Id be in your debt. Im just trying to identify which motor I have. Also if anyone can provide pictures of the distributor internals of the 82 vs. 81 that be great.
  6. Nothing else posted on this in over 7 months??? This project was coming along great! I hope you still plan on working on it if you havent been.
  7. I have a l24 4 speed that I have been thinking about getting rid of it for my l28, if someone is serious Ill sell it to them. It has approximatly 90,000 miles and is still in my 240z, runs great and 4 speed works in all gears. Asking 500 and willing to ship at buyers expense. I live in Wichita, Ks. Just message me for more information. Heres a older picture of it but I will add the newer one in soon.
  8. Im looking for a l28e distributor from a 79 and a coil for that distributor(not sure of all thats out there that'll work) Will prob do some more looking around but if you have what I need and want to sell get a hold of me on here. Names Tommy
  9. My names Tommy and Im currently in the process of research for my l28et swap. I have a 73 240z. Currently the l24 in it is getting new gaskets and a head check and cleaning job. I plan on having it together and driving withn a couple weeks.. I recently got myself a 81 l28et and 99 percent of all the engine parts is there. Came with a auto tranny as well. I plan getting a t5 borg warner or a 280zx non turbo tranny to use. I have all the electrical parts needed, 82 ecu, 82 distrubitor, coil/ignitor , engine harness etc. Parts needed: 5 spd driveshaft, shortened Custom exhaust rebuild parts(if needed) I am just currently in the process of research and gathering parts, the engine will be getting checked for rebuild here in a couple months, so any help will be appreciated. I will be posting pics and gathering the information needed, mainly electrical questions. Here is my car below and the stage that it is in.
  10. The wiring harness, coil and igniter are sold. sorry

  11. Do you have a harness, coil, and ignition coil harness? Really need these parts. Just let me know. Tommy
  12. Looking for l28et parts, harnesses etc Looking for main parts needed for a l28et. Block, head etc. Let me know what you have. Any help looking for these parts would be greatly appreciative. Located in Kansas. Tommy
  13. I just payed for this man lol. Still have not got a reply.
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