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  1. I have a brand new center console for a 73 240Z and other parts.
  2. Hello All, Looking to buy a 1973 240Z some where on the East Coast. Don't care if it runs, some rust is okay, crapy interior is oaky, electrical harness is optional. Thanks!!! Just send me a PM.
  3. I usually use http://www.infinitipartsusa.com/ for any mechanical stock part. Only trouble is that you can't browse parts for Z's earlier than 1980, but with a Parts Catalog/Factory Service Manual from www.courtesyparts.com you can just about get anything you need. I bought a speedometer pinion assy, plus seals for my 5spd tranny to fix my inop speedometer. I did a search for the part number 68100E8800 which is supposedly for the later style 240z dash and they have one for $905. They also had door panels part number 80900-E4100 for the right and part numnber 80901-E4100 for the left for $140.20 each.
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