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  1. umm perhaps its not my first language..(the speling thing) i mean look at the localtion (UAE) its good enought im speaking like this ?, perhaps i do have a nissan (nissan cedric) and posted before ? ,, but didnt bother to check and pretend ya some sort of camedain .? perhaps I dont giva a s♥♥♥ about your interploted langauge.? oh hey im registerd to honda forumes im just expanding my resultz..one another thing,,alll brands uses returnless fuel system LIKE i sAid up there its a general thing,,not only honda uses this method,,,BUT nooo ya had to act like ya knew whats going on and said : OHH perhaps ya need a honda forum ?,,(sarcastic face exprerstion) and finaly perhaps ya realized that i dont tolerate ya inferior specimen,, now,,back to our main discustion ill be waiting for some friednly people to answere back....other than that please dont bother,,,ITS NOT HONDA AGIENST NISSAN PEOPLE its a friendly chat ...INCASE if thats the thing going on here with one or two of ya guys....SALUUTE...
  2. okay...lets see...ya wan to put a v12 jag in your car sounds ..i dont know how much milage on this engine but here are some tips to make it worth your time,,you see jaguar engines tend to over heat for the simplest reasones...there for,,your gona have to fix this,, ya can do that by adding a higher capacity raidiator...remove the thermostats..add an oil cooler for the engine..oh dont pick it out of the junkyard.get a hight capacity one with an electrick pump.... if the engine needs to be rebuilt then it has to,,try to add anything else that helps preventing detonation as these blocks overheat and that was the main reason why they were discontinued..mega squirt it.do not carb it..the more precise yo do this,,the more happy engine you have,,,oh if the engine over heats it CONsumes oil more than gas,,hehehe,,sorry but alot to be done to fix this...atleast i said go for it..lol
  3. dud this isnt somthing that ya have to be good in hondas ,,thats somthing general,,,anyway,,,,
  4. if ya mean pump brand that i don't know in precise......but i dont know i thinking of turning this returnless fuel system to a regular fuel injected system that way i can add a rising fuel pressure regulator,,, here this can explian my point,,,but i didnt comprehand much.... http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/article.html?&A=2636
  5. its a Honda accord 1997 with an f20b2 engine (yes never came to usa but alternatively the f22 did) but it revs like crazy due its sohc valve train..its the best advantage over dohc and i like it,,anyway multi point fuel injection with rails,,no return lines stock fuel pump....what else..? its a automatic transmition (4 speed) comprestion ratio is 9.1 if ya need more data let me know
  6. greeting comrades,,,,my issue here is technical and as it seems here..,my fuel injection is a returnless fuel system style and wish to fabricate a turbocharger for it,,,,but the only way i kow is IF only it is the conventional fuel system style,,,,that way i can add a fuel presure regulator,, and my qusttion is there an efficient way to fix this problem..? target Psi is between 7 to 10 on stocke internals,, oh is there somthing else i should be aware of..(sensors or anything.?) thanks alot:mrgreen: thanks for you guys ....
  7. yeah ive asked about that around in da net (tuning the orginal carb)..and currently getting the information about it and as for the intake manifold why shocks,,we have alot of it here in UAe and kuwait all it takes is to go to a junk yard (mostly kuwait) and it cost like : ill pay just to take it out of ma site,,LOL hehehe naah im joking it cost like 10 t 15 kd (30 to 45 dalors)..and swaping another carb isnt that hard to the intake , as all ya need is to change iz da mounting plate,,well okay ya defintly needa new fuel line and other stuff,,,but hey i looove carbs....
  8. just incase,,is it possible to to extract 500hp from da VG30 i have.?not to mention mine is a 2 cam oer cylnder (gulf spec engine) ,again its a nissan cedric 1988 wagon...and its automatice..so i dont know how much the auto tranny can take abuse and ,,it has the milage gauge shows 400 000 miles on it,,now thats an achievment for a car that runs constantly in a weather like 55 c ,,lol ya guys dont have no idea hot it is here in UAE ANd kuwait its kila,,and da AC still workes (hitachi,lol) thats why its da only engine is worth spending on as a performance engine casue da camros and mustangs here die young not that because there not the same quality as da japanes but the morons here arent that good(turn car swich now ask qustions later),,somthing like that not to mention the kilaa weather that forces ya to regualry maintain your car is on da side walk..(dies).. what kinda bothers me is that tubocharging an engine generaly produces more heat so,,i dont know about im gona give it a try : HERE is da combination im having in mind since i have a TBI style then ill swap a holly carb ..i think 650cfm holley carb should be okay casue iv seen 750cfm on a VW 1700cc engines so is aiiyt,i think,,lol... then do the ama try to run the car to see if it works ofcourse before going further,,,then if things are okay il ship it to UAE (sharjah arae where there is performance shop to build up a 30 PSI singel turbo set up..and with luck and nice budget i may be able to pul it off,,,wish me luck).....
  9. the engine i have is a 12v,,,2 cams per cylindees..lol..if fabricate a turbo system of ma own ,,carb or fuel injection,,can i eaily make a 500hp of it, ,? or is it a stupid project,,? the main reason why im using this engine becasue i managed a tbi intake style,,made by my friend,,using the old intake it self,,so its more like A small block but v6,,lol get it..?..another reasone is that our local dealer still provide everything for this engine (stock replacment parts:icon15: ),,so i duno,,any opinion,,?
  10. hmmm,,,but isnt vg33 a truck engine..? so the engine bottom end is designed to do more tourq...ay..? so would that be better or worst..?..
  11. hmmmmmmm.....yeah i geuss your right,but the thing is i dont like to injectors at all,,and the ecu tune,,casue i never tried it before,,and seems hard to set but,,according to my info,,i think if add a carb or instead use a big one then we dont have to play with all those tings.right..? , pluse it woudt pass the regions regulations,,,thats in uae and kuwait,,as long they see carbs and paint the whole stuff in black to look inocent that and less perforemance parts and wires can be shown in engine compartment...,,they wont say a word....i now its funny but it works,,pluse woudnt it be fun to use carbs for the jop..?..lol but thanks for the advice you were the first to replay me there for i realy apprecait it,,thanks... okay suppose i do use fuel injectio,,do i only need to swap the intake..? or are there other things i have to do in mine like the internals..? to turn it to a vg30et..?..yep yep yep,,now thast a good qustions,,,
  12. heey hows it going good people of nissan,, ...i`m new and this i ma first ost so..i`ll just stick with the subject,,i`m planing to do a dual carb converstion on a stock nissan V6 cedric,,the intake type is carb...and i`m trying to weld up tow carbs from the same kind and supply them with two independed fuel line ..aandaaaa..ma qustoin is ,,,IS this possible..or would that be too much fuel,,or what ever you guys can tell me about well help,,so HELP ME COMRADES.lol:o another suggestion is to swap a 650cfm holley carb on the stock intak and if it work then i might consedr to custom a turbo kit for it...after using custom made forged internals car : nissan cedric 1987 oh and the engine code is :VG30e (v6.,2960cc,OHC)
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