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  1. Hey Guys, me again. As this point is still open I would like to ask again, what kind of paint I can use to paint above the original Enamel paint. In germany we call the original paint "thermo paint" and the paint systems we use here are not working on enamel. Till one year there comes out cracks as the paints doesn't work together. So just to be shure I would like to ask you guys if I buy the so called Restoration Enamail Paint Kit, can I put this without problems on the original paint of a 240-280z? Thanks.
  2. Jochen

    DINO steering wheel with adaptor

    congrats! I was to slow...
  3. If you bolt it together and bring it to long beach I"ll buy it! Unfortunately I have a bad feeling what the shipping costs are...
  4. Hi and thanks for your answer. And the 2 Stage Urethane makes no Problems on the old original Paint? Is 2 Stage Urethane also a "Thermophene Paint" / TPA? I would like to buy Thermophene Paint as I heared few times that it is more easy to use for a "garage painting" Does this fits also for the 2-Stage you speak from? I found this on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gunmetal-Grey-Metallic-Prem-Gallon-Kit-Low-VOC-URETHANE-BASECOAT-Auto-Paint-Kit-/390538583069?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&vxp=mtr&hash=item5aede9dc1d That should be what you suggested to me. There is also a "quart kit" available. How much paint is needed for a full painting of a Z and does somebodyhas a suggestion for me what needlesize would work with this paint? Sorry for maybe stupid questions
  5. Hey Guys, Just a short question as I remind in my Head a Sticker in the Engine Bay what said something from an Enamel Color (Competition Orange) If I would like to repaint a Z, what works better as a single Stage Paint, Acrylic Enamel or Acrylic Urethane Paint? My hope was just to grind/machine the original paint all around a bit, paint the car and polish the paint for a clean and glossy look. Any suggestions what to use and maybe a nice Webshop or Shop in Orange County?
  6. Bump, still looking for Cars. Come on Guys, what do you have below the Dust in the Garage? Not modified, running, not too rusty, send Pics and offers to joe@240z.de
  7. Jochen

    74 260z project for sale

    Do you have Pictures from your Z?
  8. Well thats sounds too nice: 8 weeks Vacation in Georgia... Did I tell you already that I live in Germany? As I am in SoCal in the next time to buy a car your one would be great, but it's too far to get it shipped to LA where I put them into my Container. Really bad as you car looks good
  9. damned, too far away! If you bring your Car to SoCal, I buy it immediately!
  10. Hey Guys, I am the crazy Guy who bought already a 240z in 2011 short before the MSA Event, but as the Time shows sometimes everything goes different as expected I had to sell it last year. So here I am again looking for a 240Z or 280Z in original condition. Original in my eyes means bought 197x no real accidents and if possible original Paint, running and drivable with no heavy mods. So the car should be without Motorswaps, no Racestuff like Cages or Raceseats or other big modifications. The car should be in a renovation worth condition, I don't look for a "nice and ready car" My wish is to get a car what makes sense to renovate, as it is more cheap to import and I need a excuse for my wife to go into my workshop I am a serious (but crazy) Guy and think JohnC or TonyD can confirm this as they know me personally. I am in the moment not shure when I come again to the states exactly, but at least I will be there at the MSA Event last Week of April. But if this doesn't fit for the Company I work for, I will come somewhen in March maybe mid of March. So guys if you have a Z for sale who fits my search, let me know and ahoot me a mail with pictures and your asking Price. I will answer any Offer a.s.a.p. Everything else we can clear directly. If you send me also your Phonenumber, please tell me best time to call but remember that I am nine hours further Please send what you have to: joe monkeysign 240z.de And now, let me see what I could get!
  11. Jochen

    Brake Master for 1970 S30

    Hey, My "problem" should be the master cylinder or just the fluid tanks ontop of the master cylinder. Until the winter something is frozen (I guess there was water in the break fluid Tanks), and the brake fluid came out and runs down the inner fender/frame... I have to check if just the Tanks are broken, or if the seals are also damaged.
  12. Hi Guys, it seems that my brake master is gone, at least the fluid chamber is broken until the winter. So now I am looking for a new one, and have seen that there are different ones for sale depending on the year the car is build. Do I have to take the one for a 1970 240Z or can I use also one for the older 240Z models what are of course much more expensive... Thanks for a short information!
  13. Hey Tony Great to read from you and great hint! As I am very limited with working space in my garage, this would be the best kind to work at my Babe. Just before 5 minutes I had it run again with new sparks and distributer Finger/Cap, nice feeling. First moment it smokes heavy, but after a short while it run good again. (OT) As it seems it could be difficult for me, to come over this year to the MSA Show, end of march my second child will come, and my "hobby budget" is very low currently Are you at home that time Tony?(OT off) Edit, can't find the picture you speak from, tooooooo much pictures on FB!