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  1. hi guy,s some more pics, change of plans as i am now looking at a single t04z turbo mounted in front of the engine with new manifolds and a front mount intercooler. I,m all enthused again so in the next couple of weeks will be in the shed getting stuck into it... http://doadrift.com/image/tid/15
  2. Hey Guys, I've just got back from my holiday, so figured it was time for an update. Well the engine is now running with the wolf 3D on standard map so it's a little fuely. Fixed up the cooling system with a bleeder tank as the radiator sits lower than the engine does. Picked up custom tail shaft from final drive engineering and have since installed that. Still working on the rear 300zx brakes and drive shafts but they should all be installed soon. Had the car running the other day but for some reason reverse gear does not seem to be working but I will get onto that one soon. I have some newish pics of the car on my son’s web site but none of the car with cooling system in place or the new tail shafts. Once I get reverse gear sorted out I will pull the car out of the shed and get some new pictures of the car for everyone. Here's the updated pics site. ---> http://doadrift.com/image/tid/15 Mods list so far! Engine Modifications 1UZFE Custom Extractors Wolf 3D V4 ECU Shift Kitted Auto VR V8 Commodore Radiator Badger Build Radiator Bleeder Tank Single 17” Thermo Fan with custom shroud Custom Engine mounts Bosch fuel pump Exterior Modifications Nissan Diamond luster paint (with rainbow fleck) Custom colour bumpers grey (with rainbow fleck) Full underbody paint in black and blue (see new pics) Interior Modifications Wolf 3D Hand controller New black moulded carpet and dash mat Suspension and Wheels Modifications Supra 2 pot front calipers Supra 295mm front Rotors 5 stud conversion Nissan z31 rear brakes Nissan z31 drive shafts KYB struts (front and rear) Planned Modifications 17/8/? Wheels (not sure what I’m going with yet) Coilover suspension Twin Turbo (maybe later down the track) Thanks for all the interest -Chris
  3. engineer means qualified engineer, the guy i have used is very good and used to work for the dept of transport and he seems to specialise in cars, eg imports hot rods street machines etc he has to be a member of institute of automotive engineers, costly but hopefully all worth it in the end. chris
  4. in w.a. we need engineers cert if engine is more than 25% over capacity of original engine . i have spoken to the engineer and he said it was fine but i have to get him to do a thorough inspection and sign off on it before it goes over the pits, we also have to fill out an application to modify the vehicle prior to starting to modify stating all the mods to be done and the licensing dept engineers go through it and give you an approval:) or rejection. chris
  5. http://www.rodshop.com.au/bellhousings.htm i,ve gone with the auto with shift kit to see how it goes, later i may go twin turbo and then look at other options but i would stay auto, there is a guy in south australia who is very good with the jap auto,s so i would contact him first. as gollum said different sumps to suit different cars in australia we have the LS and the SC, my engine came in a container with 25 others. Also keep the engine low as there isn,t much between the plenum and bonnet
  6. it is a rear sump with a couple of bits cut out of the steel bit at the bottom to clear the steering rack mounts, if i had the finances i would have had a custom sump made, with the crossmember i took off the engine mounts which gave it a cleaner look. chris
  7. http://marcr.net/?q=image/tid/8 for those that asked, engine mounts trans mounts.
  8. hi dave yes i do know andrew he built my sons sr20 for his drift street 180sx chris
  9. hi guys here are some old pics of my project, its now running although still not on the road, i will update the photo,s shortly. chris http://members.westnet.com.au/stinglashtic/dadscar/
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