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  1. Added new information and attachment to the original post.
  2. I could be interested in trades. Specifically, I would be interested in 1) complete running/driving 240Z; 2) 1930s - 1950s 1/2 ton pickup projects; 3) decent travel trailer or camper for short-bed half ton pickup.
  3. I am potentially interested. A TON of work has been done on the donor. More info on that work can be found on my personal website linked in the original post. Email me if you have specific questions on that. I would prefer to hold on to the engine/transmission for another project, but I could be persuaded to sell it all as a package.
  4. Complete Velo Rossa Spyder body kit for sale Edit: New information, pictures, write-up attached. See below. I bought the kit, plus extras from John Washington at Reaction Research and have never bonded them. The parts have been just sitting on my donor car. The kit includes: One-piece front bonnet Bonnet hinge reinforcing ring Bonnet hinge bracket Bonnet hinge pins Cheek (side) panels Bond-on door skins Bond-on rear clip (aka "tub") Trunk lid with pre-bonded inner reinforcing Extras: Clear headlight covers Simpson style dash You can get more info on the kit on John's website here. I have information and more pictures on my personal website. There is a community of builders/owners on HybridZ and have a long running thread here. I am located in SE Washington State and am willing to deliver the kit within a few hundred miles of my place. I'm not really wanting to ship it, but I will for the right offer. If you were to purchase all of this new, it would cost you around $6,500 +tax and shipping. I'm looking for $4,500 for all. I'm pretty firm on that price. EDIT: I've had several folks ask about the donor car in the pictures. It is available for an additional cost (less engine and transmission). I might include engine and transmission for the right offer. I've attached a .PDF write-up with more information on the complete project. Please contact me if you're interested in more details. Thanks for looking, Marc marcwagner66@gmail.com Significant Items to complete the Velo Rossa.pdf
  5. I'll echo the comments about John Washington/Reaction Research. Good guy to work with and VERY knowledgible.
  6. Excellent! What do you want for them including shipping to 99338?
  7. Somehow my fuel line retainers/clips and the rubber insulators disappeared from my pile of parts. In any case I am in need of a set of 4 clips/retainers. These are the ones that are slotted in one end to slip over the bracket (see attached pic of bracket) and have a screw hole in the other end. I'd love to get the insulators too, but I can make do without them. Any leads on used ones or even a source for new ones would be great. I can't find them in Motorsport or Black Dragon catalogues. Thanks!
  8. Not mine. I was cruising Craig's list and thought I would pass it on: 1991 300zx twin turbo engine only 30k $1000 (Looks like it's located in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Just east of Spokane, WA) http://kpr.craigslist.org/pts/1611935746.html
  9. Guys - I have a local buyer for the complete car. He is going to combine a bunch of parts from his rusted-out car with my 260 to build himself a nicer ride. He's indicated that there will be some parts he isn't interested in and will want to sell. I'm working with him to hang onto some of the parts that he doesn't want that a few of you have asked about. I've either PM'd or directly emailed those interested parties. So, for all intents and purposes, the stuff is gone. I' have a bunch of other boxes of parts that I will go through in the coming weeks and post separately. Thanks for the interest.
  10. Let me pull the carpet out of the car tonight and get an idea of weight/volume. Then I should be able to get a better idea.
  11. I believe this kit fits late '74 through '76. I believe the only real difference between this kit and the one for '71 - early '74 is that this kit covers the sides of the transmission tunnel. I believe the earlier kits didn't cover the tunnel because there was vinyl on the earlier tunnels. That's just my recollection - I could be wrong.
  12. I've uploaded a bunch more pictures of parts here (page 2 and 3). Here's the half dash cover: You can see a close-up in my photo album listed above. Here's the Ansa exhaust parts: - Sale Pending There are a bunch more close-ups in my gallery. Here's the header: This is for a square port N42 head. Remanufactured distributor with Pertronix Ignitor: - Sale Pending I also have a brand-new Pertronix Flamethrower coil: This is a chrome coil that has never been wired-up/used. $35 +shipping.
  13. Ok, I'll try to answer everyone's questions so far in this post. It will be easier (and get you a quicker response) if you email me directly at: marcwagner66@gmail.com All shipping will be additional, actual cost of shipping, not a penny more. I'll include shipping cost receipts. Jin: I'll get pics of the dash cover later today and send them. $25 +shipping. grretc/cockerstar: The carpet was installed new, out of the box a few years back and the car has been kept in a garage the whole time so, it's in very good condition. I haven't driven the car more than a half-dozen times to test my tuning since installing it so, it's clean! The only issue is that it has been installed so, the pieces that cover the strut towers, etc. will have some adhesive residue on the back. I'll toss-in the padding/sound deadening material too. $75 +shipping (or local pickup) RB26280Z/Datsun280ZX: I bought the header brand new from MSA specifically for my N42 head. I cannot say with absolute certainty what other heads this will fit. I will have to remove it from the car to determine if it has the square or round ports. You may want to check with MSA for applications. It has minor paint burn-off from starting/tuning the car, but is in otherwise new condition. $100/offer +shipping cd1105: I'm not sure if you are referring to the fake chromed taillight bezels or the entire, blackish gray colored rear panel. The bezels aren't cracked or broken but the fake chrome is flaking off. The entire rear panel is faded black/gray but is not dented or anything. I also have a set of bezels I removed from a 280Z somewhere in a box that I believe are in better condition. email me with what you're looking for. at-jefft: The seat belts, buckles and retractors are all there and working. I also have a set of used 240Z seat belts. I don't know what they're worth off the top of my head. Make me an offer. langfordchuck: I know the Pertonix module works fine. I've had the car running many times with it. I'll throw in the entire distributor, just so you have everything. I have a brand new cap and rotor I'll include. $75 +shipping. All: Please email me directly as I don't have the chance to check the site that often during the day. I alway get emails on my Blackberry. Thanks, Marc
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