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  1. micuss

    79 810 2dr project

    I forgot I even had this topic going. I have put this car on a back burner and I have a better 79 810 2dr I am working on
  2. micuss

    Newb with 79 810 "not lurking any more"

    Sorry I never replied do you still have an 810? I plan to get my main one tweaked with a 5spd swap and maybe a turbo I'm not sure and in the next few years if my money allows I would like to do a v8 turbo swap with a 6spd on my other rusted one.
  3. micuss

    Newb with 79 810 "not lurking any more"

    Sorry guys I dropped off the face of the earth for a year had "LIFE" troubles, but I am back and actually have another 2dr 810 to add to my quest the first one I got is still sitting in limbo here but it has more body work than I can afford to do right now but my new one I have already got running and Tagged and am driving her to find all her problems.
  4. micuss

    Newb with 79 810 "not lurking any more"

    I am looking forward to having mine look as nice as yours beautiful car.
  5. micuss

    Newb with 79 810 "not lurking any more"

    Thanks for responding I am a bit new to the whole talking in the forums bit so if I break etiquette please let me know. I picked the car up 1hr north of Russelville Arkansas. I won her off of Ebay for $216 but then spent $600+ to drive down and get her. I have been cleaning her up some looking for all of the rust and problems with the car, and I believe I may have her running in a week or so but got a few months worth of body work just to get her ready for primer. I am a massive 79 2door 810 fan and would like a few of them but it has taken me years just to find this one. Actually looking for an 810 back in 06 is how I found this site.
  6. micuss

    79 810 2dr project

    So I just bought this 810 on Ebay and drove 13 hours one way to pick her up only to find the seller was far from honest in the listing. There is significant impact damage on the passenger side as well it has set up for years. I knew it was to good to be true but to be honest I would have bought a rolling frame at this point I really love the 810. I was just wondering if anyone knows of anyplace that might have some pieces like the steering column and maybe a passenger side door.
  7. Hi all been a member her for some time and reading and learning tons. I am from Dothan Alabama just north of Panama City Beach Florida. I do not own a Z yet but that is because I had to get my 79 810 2dr first then I will get a 240 OR 260 once my 810 is finished. I just picked up my 810 and am a little overwhelmed by how much I have to do to it but it will be fun. Until later.