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  1. Thanks Lonestar. Yes, it is a xenon air dam. At least, it has a xenon brand on the back.
  2. Ever since I saw a photo of my car on the freeway with the air dam pushed in because of the wind, I've been trying to reinforce the urethane air dam. I'm not sure if all urethane air dams have this problem, or if later version of this air dam are more rigid. I first tried to simply attach some aluminum brackets on the radiator support to keep the air dam pushed forward. Although it was a solution, there was still room for improvement. The inside of the air dam, along the bottom edge of the front lip, runs a 3/8 extension. I ended up riveting some tabs onto this exten
  3. I totally would continue making some but I just recently started school and don't have as much free time as I'd hope. Have to get adjusted to the work schedule.
  4. Hey Andy, me and my friend just did a bunch of searching on google and different sites to learn how to glass. Wish I could remember the video we found, but it basically explained step by step how to make your basic mold. And even though it was from like..the 80s and had the most unenthusiastic person hosting the video it was still very informative; What supplies you need, dry times, applying resin, releasing molds..etc. As for the projectors, they aren't a set from ebay. I actually made a thread of how I made them out of some rx8 projectors. They work great though. As long as the cut off
  5. yehhh about those "cutoffs" a. had to stop the projector light leakage somehow b. had some extra vinyl and was bored =)
  6. Got a chance today to trim the front bumper today, test mounted it and took some pics. Although fitment with the metal bumper brackets isn't that bad, it is a little off. I've got to make a pair of front brackets so I can make the holes bigger. Should give me more adjustment to get the bumper lined up better on each side.
  7. Yeah Brad, I did some searching yesterday and found a place that had some nice boxes I could cut up and make a bigger box myself to fit the bumpers. And shipping something with the dimensions I figured would be around 60-70 dollars assuming when everything is packed it would be around 10 pounds (hopefully it's less). On another note, had to adapt my mold rack to fit my front mold; glad I didn't have to make another rack.. Finally got some glass down on the mold. Was a little bit more messy than I'd hoped. The front bumper is a lot more narrow than the rear. Kind of a ha
  8. Not sure if I would want to actually cut them up.. but that would solve the shipping issue, that's for sure.
  9. It's actually right off of irvine center drive, street called bake. As for the engine and trans, I think you might be thinking of some one else.
  10. It's on my to do list, but would still have to figure out the best way to make one. Just trying to take on one project at a time.
  11. True, it would be pretty light, however it would be an over sized package. Price always goes up for over sized packages. I'm guessing shipping larger items means less items they can fit in the trucks, so they charge you more...
  12. Once I find a box, the shipping issue really isn't the problem. If the bumper doesn't fit well or something doesn't line up, it's my fault. You would have to ship it back and everything, would be a whole ordeal.
  13. haha, my first mold I made was for a bre rear spoiler, was trying to do something and ended up messing up the mold. As for front air dams, definitely a lot more work and I know how many times I've hit my urethane bumper on my drive way, streets, dips, and making a fiberglass one does not seem worth it. Probably break the thing like twice a day. I did contemplate selling them but I've got to find boxes If I want to ship them. Before I start making more bumpers though, I'd like to test fit another rear bumper I made on another 240 and see how well it lines up since the m
  14. I'm using one ounce mat. It's pretty dense mat which can be a pain around tight corners but it's also very nice because you need less layers to get the thickness you want.
  15. Been working with fiberglass for almost a year now and it's crazy how many ideas actually pop into your head when you learn something like glassing. Although most of the ideas are probably way too advanced for a beginner to tackle, I thought I'd try something a little more plausible. So I decided to make some bumpers... I had already welded up my front and rear bumpers; Got rid of all the seams and holes, so most of the labor was already done. All that was left was to make molds. Just recently completed my front bumper mold but haven't been able to lay the glass for
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