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  1. How much would it cost to put a decent turbo system system on a N/A? By decent I mean I dont want to put titanium pistons and head on and run a stage 3 turbo. I dont need that much. I just need something that the stock engine can handle. And what is safe to buy from junkyards?
  2. Just for some background, I'm still in highschool and this car would be my second. I currently own an '84 firebird with a 305 v8. I'm basically looking for a car to modify or fix for my high school senior project. I like my firebird, but im getting bored of it and while looking for another car, Z cars caught my eye. The car that I modify would be the car I take to college, so I decided on a 6 cylinder to attempt to get slightly better gas mileage than my gas guzzling v8. I love 84-89 300zx's, but they're too expensive for my budget, so I was thinking about a 240z-280zx. While browsing craigslist, I came across a 280zx for $700. Heres its description: "Datsun 280zx, Runs and Drives, stops but NEEDS BRAKES, Red, minor body work required, there is a dent in the hood that has been bondo'ed and the rear bumber is slightly tweaked, but not very much. Standard transimission(5-spd), I have the title in hand," I'm not sure how many miles are on it, I tried calling but he didnt answer at the time. Basically what I need to know is what to expect from it. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with it, maybe turbocharge it. I know how to do mechanical work on cars, and I can give body work a shot. So what usually goes wrong with these cars that I should check? How much power potential do the stock I6s have? I need to make something faster than my firebird (don't worry, its slow, its an 84 with a 305....). The lighter car should help. Thank you for reading this somewhat length post, and I'll be awaiting the replies!
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